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Joey Rossi :: Flower Foot Tattoo | 

joey | A tattoo of Flowers with blue sky design on the foot.
SB-Roads-02-72Dpi Just an experiment

design scorpion tattoo

Just an experiment for my band design
IMG_7738.JPG Nick's Tattoo's Stencil

tribal scorpion

Nick's Tattoo's Stencil in Progress...
Scorpio Nick will supposedly

scorpion tattoo design

Nick will supposedly be getting this on his arm this Friday...
DSC00749 Eylcia and the

scorpio scorpion tattoos

Eylcia and the Scorpio of Pain.
Scorpio Tattoo Me, Myself &

scorpion zodiac

Me, Myself & I..
Leonardo Arte original, exclusiva

tatuagem scorpion

Arte original, exclusiva MarlonTattoos.
Classy? Nottingham Riverside Festival.

tattoo girl scorpion

Nottingham Riverside Festival.
Tattoo Time Yup, here I

tattoo scorpion

Yup, here I am geting my tattoo. Wans2pics and I each had one done today. As you can see, my rosey cheeks give away the pain that i am feeling at this time. Makes ya sweat!! Some of it was ok, the rest ....well, it really hurt! I will post more another day, to show you the results.... You mean I had to go through this to make Explore??
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