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my bike lydia i repainted her

stick n poke gallery

i repainted her and she looks nice...but now i want her to be either a teal with tan guards....OR a mustard-ish yellow with tan guards:]
Primitive Festival 2006 This is the

rock n roll tatto gallery

This is the photo Marly took of me. Behind me there's Carolien.
Prick Nikon D300s
35mm 1:1.8

pin in a poke photo

Nikon D300s 35mm 1:1.8
Homade tattoo (DIY) DIY tattoo -

stick and poke tattoos how to

DIY tattoo - stick and poke. My girfriend made me a homade tattoo of my pentax me camera. She used a simple needle and some indian ink
Daughter | Father 5D | 35L

poke and ink tattoo

5D | 35L The most gingerist family out there :D
Critical Mass Tattoo My tattoo. Done

stick and poke tattoo

My tattoo. Done stick and poke with normal tattoo needles during the summer of 07 by my friend Alexander. It's the symbol for critical mass (international bike ride done on the last friday of each month) I had to take a picture of something today and I'm sick. So when I realized there were no pictures of this up anywhere it was the obvious choice
76 this picture is

rock n roll tattoo

this picture is so cool on so many levels. mind,leanne is pretty cool.
Claudie 01


Youth Dekay Youth Dekay Althea

althea n hell

Youth Dekay Althea N. Hell benefit show Milio's Hair Studio Chicago, Illinois August 22, 2009