Picture of janis joplin heart tattoo - Tattoowise

Beneath The Skin (WIP) 113 The last piece

skull and heart tattoo ring

The last piece in the series is a bowl, based on the original drawings. The bowl with a skull in the middle. The drips are shibuichi 25/75 and the bowl inner is shakudo. The outside of the bowl is sterling silver and 50/50 shibuichi. The skull is fine silver.
Big Fish 3/3/12 Aquarium London old street female love

heart friend tattoo

female love
heart tat why this one

heart broken tattoo

why this one turned out so well i do not know.
Lookin' like a little boy 5D | 35L

open heart

5D | 35L Late-night smoke break. Demetra (Matt's fiance) agrees with me when I say that Matt looks like a little kid in this photo... SCORE!

heart and baby name tattoo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our little man is nearly here and his room is nearly ready! just needs the carpet and we're ready for him!
63. Jeannette "Netta" Arrowood dimples! curls! flirty

curly heart tattoo

dimples! curls! flirty tattoos! i love this girl. she throws a little sass into everything.
Anatomical heart tattoo Found on Jason's

anatomical heart

Found on Jason's neck at Small Bar in Chicago