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Juggalo Stamp My ex's hatchetman

fire tattoo represent

My ex's hatchetman
Caged ©LeDor Inspired by

tattoo art twins

©LeDor Inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots.
"les filles de la bordello" inspired by the

tattoo art for twins

inspired by the painted ladies of paris. © lindsay podd 2008.
Xed Le Head What else can

tattoos twins picture

What else can I say? The God Of Tattoo's. (He's a very famous tattoo artist!) I spoke to him for a while, he is such a nice guy. Really down to earth. Wish i had the money to get inked by him!

twins and tattoos

you may be shocked to hear - edward cullen is actually a huge veronicas fan. like, really.
Donna and I Donna took this

rose tattoo on twins

Donna took this portrait of us at arm's length.
It's not fair... I did squat

picture of tattoo for twins

I did squat to this photo other than convert to BW and burn the black backdrop. She is perfect. No liquify or other body morphing. I would hate her if she wasn't so incredibly nice. I did remove her belly ring hole. That's it. Am so jealous.
twins Julianne has joined

tatoo twins

Julianne has joined the Army and is going to be deployed to Iraq. I spent several days photographing some of the last days she spent with her family in the home she grew up in in Mokelumne Hill California
THE VERONICAS, PRETTY RECKLESS & THE LOVE WILLOWS (05/10/09) jessica origliasso, revenge

tattoos on twins

jessica origliasso, revenge is sweeter US tour, louisville, ky