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SL-SC-BettyBaker-BunnieFrakture03 Suicide Centerfolds Model:

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Suicide Centerfolds Model: Bunnie Frakture Set: Bettie Baker Photography By: Voltaire Serpente Location: Built Set By Voltaire Serpente
Jamesink02 Sign of the

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Sign of the Immortal, by Craig @ Fallbrook Tattoo.
SL-SC-SailorGirl-DemiEllisson05 Suicide Centerfolds Model:

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Suicide Centerfolds Model: Demi Ellisson Set: Sailor girl Photography By: Voltaire Serpente Location: Build Set By Voltaire Serpente
Funny bumper stickers in North Park I parked behind

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I parked behind this gem of a car on a rainy night, then when I saw the funny bumper stickers I ran, got the camera and snapped a shot. OK, I lied. I didn’t actually “run.”
Jess Jess brought me

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Jess brought me out to a GREAT location and we had a fun morning playing with new lighting equipment and rolling around i dirt and dead plants
Dilemma Profoto ComPact head

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Profoto ComPact head into large Chimera softbox down low and slightly camera left. No fill. 1/250s at f/5.6. Pocket Wizards. Photoshop: skin cleanup. A bunch of eye work. Highlight painting on the sheets and the model's hair to add some depth to the image. Skin softened with Mama Shan's Powder at 70%, but 35% over her tattoos to hold detail. Glow added, no vignette. Model: Jeska Vardinski (Model Mayhem #14883 )
Hellhound by Mike Stu Pfost All artwork for

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All artwork for the "WE ARE 138: Tribute to The Misfits" is 7x7 and AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! Please call the gallery at 203-467-1622 for more information.
John Felix Arnold III Interview about Should I Stay or Should I Go - Story and Photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian For more on

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For more on the art in your world visit www.Warholian.com or follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/WarholianFan One of the artists on my press bucket list, I’ve wanted to write up a feature on John Felix Arnold III since I met him at a café show in Bernal Heights three years ago. At that time, I was actively publicizing the works of artists showing at the now deceased Babylon Falling bookstore, which included David Young V, Robert Bowen, David Ball, and C3. Unfortunately, I never quite got the chance to cover Felix at the bookstore, because I only became aware of his work directly after his show had ended. With Old Crow Tattoo in Oakland, California actively showing Felix’s work, thankfully, I’ve gotten another chance to chat with him about what inspires his expansive, post-apocalyptic installations. I stopped by his show "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" to get the shots and make up for lost time. Read the rest of the story here: www.warholian.com/2012/07/28/john-felix-arnold-iii-2/ All photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian.