Polynesian tiger - Tattoowise

Abstract 2 This shot is

tattoo tiger baby

This shot is more an exploration of colours and shapes and capturing them in a way that is slightly different for me It is not camera shake but the lens was deliberately defocused a bit to get this effect.
Fly me to the moon Caught this bird

tatoo animals tiger

Caught this bird in flight. I generally dont shoot much of BOF since I dont have the right lens for it and it turns out be quite frustrating. I caught a lucky break this time
Tiger Sleeve; Fifth Session Tiger's face for

phil tiger tattoos

Tiger's face for those of you that might have missed it from before. Yes, he has a THIRD EYE WITH LIGHTNING!!!!
Leg Tattoo - Front After seating #

tiger tat

After seating # 3 for my tiger tiger leg piece tattoo. No stripes on the tigers yet. Added color to the water element and bamboo and filled in the background. Artwork and tattooing done by Tim Herbert at 8th Day Tattoo in Jacksonville, FL