Pretty little tattoos - Tattoowise

Madame Corzette's Marie Antionette frilly fashion Madame Corzette's Stunning

tiny pretty tattoo

Madame Corzette's Stunning Princess Overbust Corset with Steel Busk Front Closure and Lace up back.
Christine I shot with

pretty tattoo with hearts

I shot with my friend good Christine. These were a collaboration, and it was a lot of fun!
LIGHTS this is lights

pretty tattoos of 2009

this is lights and shes amazing and her music is adorable :)
1601 Amanda Jones

pretty poppy tattoo

Amanda Jones
Tunnel Paint  Picture of me

little fish tatoo

Picture of me
Eesha Deol - Bollywood Actress Odissi dance performance

pretty cute flower tattoos

Odissi dance performance
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