Matthew John Drankoski

Koi fish rib tattoo!   Koi's symbolizes:

Koi fish rib tattoo!

Koi's symbolizes: strength, courage, the ability to attain high goals, and overcoming life’s difficulties. This tattoo has a very deep meaning to me. The tattoo took 2 sessions about 3 hours each. At first I was going to just be boring and shade it black but luckily my tattoo artist persuaded me into picking color. I got this tattoo in memory of my grandpa. He was a fireman so i chose the colors to symbolize fires that he entered unselfishly putting a strangers life before his own. I felt like a Koi was a strong symbol that could remind me of him whenever I feel weak I can look down at my tattoo and be reminded he's watching over me and my family protecting us from any obstacle and guiding us with his wisdom and love.

Photo by: Matthew John Drankoski


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