Paula Miller

Granddaughter tattoo My granddaughter Peyton

Granddaughter tattoo

My granddaughter Peyton saved my life. I was in deep depression when she was born. When I saw her little face I knew I had something to live for. She's been such a blessing, and such a special little girl. Last August we found out that she's a juvenile diabetic. My heart felt like it would burst with worry and sorrow. But Peyton was so strong. She said "Nana, I know why God gave me diabetes. He wanted me to have a challenge!" Not too long ago she asked me if I got another tat, if I would get one with her name. She and I love Hello Kitty, so this tat is to honor my beautiful little baby, a gift straight from heaven, Peyton Aubrey.

Photo by: Paula Miller

Yakuza Berlin said 6 years ago:
lol ...

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