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Kate's tattoo 2 days after

ribs tat

2 days after
tea & spinoza "... all things

quotes for tattoos

"... all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare."
128/365 I still cry... ...not just because

tattoo on ribs pain

...not just because of the pain of getting the tattoo...but for all lost. Lost in New York, the Pentagon, in a field, and in the war. I cry a lot every time I get this tattoo worked on. But the pain I go through to get this tattoo does not even begin to compare to the pain others deal with daily. These attacks were on our home turf, in the safety of our own back yard. It is personal for that reason and that reason alone...but throw into the mix that I spent damn near every summer in New York...it gets a little closer. Yet I still get to wake up every morning next to the man I love and I get to go to work every day and not fear that there will be a bomb exploding down the road. There are others that are half way across the world doing a job they were asked to do, taken away from their friends and family. There are others who wake up alone and have lost the one they love. There are others who will never know their mother or father. There are so many others........ While I do
Bein Kemen: Dead Indian My latest design

life quotes tattoos pictures

My latest design for a t-shirt I'm currently making.
Moth traditonal moth tattoo

custom ribs tattoo

traditonal moth tattoo with a skull and rotten teeth twist.
healed key Wind it up.

custom tattoos ribs

Wind it up.
Pássaros com coração Birds with heart

tattoo heart ribs

Birds with heart
"look at the stars and how they shine brighter just for you" ***please read description this is my

stars on ribs tattoo

this is my first tattoo. i got it on my 18th birthday (Feb. 8th). everyone thought i was crazy for getting such a big tattoo for my first one but hey, you gotta get what you really want right? anyways, everyone thinks this is a Coldplay quote but it isnt . my boyfriend wrote a song for me and thats where the quote came from. the quote "look at the stars and how they shine for you and everything you do" is from Coldplay. anyways, thanks for all the views and comments :)
Life is a beautiful struggle. I'm rather proud

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I'm rather proud of this considering I haven't drawn in this much detail for about a year! This is going on the top of my arm and coming down to just above my elbow... No pain no gain :P