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artista i'm a bit

wrist tattoo ribbon

i'm a bit of a frustrated artist today so i took my self-portrait!
Ribbon Okay, I confess~

wrist ribbon

Okay, I confess~ I really, really want a tattoo. I've wanted this one for aaaaaages. I wanted something around my wrist. First, it was, umm, barbed wire. Then. I wanted a ribbon~~ It'll go the whole way around my wrist. I dunno how I'll cope with the pain, lol. And dad said I could get them for my sixteeth :3 October 25th 2010! Woahhh! XD
Russo at work home tatttoing by

circle tattoos wrist

home tatttoing by mexican tattoo artist 'russo' / naualli ñuu savi
Key Tattoo www.alienspouse.com/jen_weblog/2009/05/inked.html

key wrist tattoo

Hardcore Brighton. January 2011.

font tattoo wrist

Brighton. January 2011.
Star k Adding the reds...

red star tattoo wrist

Adding the reds...
Dirge Within trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within.

tattoo wrist band

trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within. club firestone: orlando, florida. dec. 12th, 2009.