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noah R.I.P Noah <3

memorial rip tattoo

R.I.P Noah <3 Tattoo Betty's Factoryville, PA
SOLVE memorial tattoo Based on one

free tattoos rip

Based on one of his pigeon drawings.
Paalam, Smith. Tulad ng iyong

tatoo rip

Tulad ng iyong mga burda, ang iyong mga alaala, sa amin naka tatak. Ang iniwang mong pagkakaibigan, na kahit sa kababawan, Sana aming natumbasan ng kahit kaunting galak, Di man inaasahan, na ang aming huling kaway, Ay syang huling pamama alam na rin pala, Batid namin na sa hangganang ito, sa kabilang ibayo ikaw ay tunay nang masaya... Paalam Joseph Smith ... - Escolta, Manila.
RIP valentino Tattoo of rest

rip tattos on the arm

Tattoo of rest in peace valentino on arm.
IMG_0314 I couldn't choose

rip on wrist tattoo

I couldn't choose which one.. I got a tattoo the other day on April 18! It's in memory of my dad. The 18th was the second year since his passing. It hurt so much, but it was completely worth it. I love it so much. c:
Remembered In Paint!! Rest in paradise

rip tattoo images

Rest in paradise dmise
Tattoo Rip Yourself Open,

free rip tattoo

Rip Yourself Open, Sew Yourself Shut tattoo before it started peeling
eye of the dragon rip tear dragon's

skin rip tattoo

rip tear dragon's eye
Skin Rip Ahhhhh my leg!

rip skin tattoo

Ahhhhh my leg!

rip memorial tattoo

The world hurled onto his back.... "The secret is


"The secret is this, there is no secret." Ciggies and beer...:)
We die whenever, we live forever, its our phenomenon. whether any of

tattoo of rip cross

whether any of you are or are not aware of it, my mom has been sick and just died 2 days ago on friday. im not going to pretend that im strong or that i understand any of it, all i do know is that i dont believe in the phrase "rest in peace." she doesnt need to rest in peace, she is at the biggest party of all existance in a body that never grows weary and a spirit that never tires of partying with God, a place where every tear is wiped away and death is swallowed up forever. so why bother with the cliche phrase? i guess the more appropriate thing to say for me is " may your body be buried and may your physical presence fade peacefully, but may your love and soul live on forever, and may your legacy and memories give us peace." the one thing i can say my mom taught me the most is to love unconditionally. uncontrollably, and unregretfully. we both did things to get on eachothers' nerves
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