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I'm not afraid to die.. The start of

full arm rose tattoo sleeve

The start of my friend JJ's sleeve tattoo. The text reads "I'm not afraid to die, I was born like this", and are in relation to his heart problem.
My sleeve, in progress My newest tattoo...

rose sleeve tat

My newest tattoo...
Reaper-skull-and-rose-tattoo Tattooed by Ray

skull and rose sleeve tattoos

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford Sleeve in progress, click on notes to see the other parts.
Inma Inma is utterly

sleeve rose tattoo

Inma is utterly talented. She tattooed my leg . and i f**king love it. When i first went to see Inma, i told her i wanted to have a Sun tattooed on my calf, and that i was thinking about having a moon done on the other side to compliment it. Inma pointed out that she'd be able to integrate them if i had them done at the same time. She also made me realise they would both look better with a background. I am utterly chuffed with my tattoo, and really grateful she did such a great job. If you are Brighton based, go see her at Magnum Opus If you are London based, go see her at Evil From the Needle in Camden. Canon 30D. Shot at Magnum Opus in Brighton.
new Arm is swollen...

rose arm tattoos sleeve

Arm is swollen... I'm not that chubby!
038 by sarah de

black and grey rose sleeve

by sarah de azevedo @ oni tattoo gallery salt lake city utah
Angel, Demon & Roses Tattoo pt6 Tattooed by Ray

tattoo rose vines sleeve

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
Whisk and X-acto, finch, Scrabble tile etc. Pretty much done...

rose sleeve sleeve

Pretty much done...
Andy gets ready to tattoo Lior Andy gets his

angel and rose sleeve tattoo

Andy gets his Gun ready before inking Lior Andy is utterly entertaining. For hours and hours while Inma was working on my Leg i was kept amused by him. Great guy. Shot at London Tattoo in Angel Canon 30D
Pink Replica Long standing joke..

rose sleeve tatoo

Long standing joke.. but there is truth in it! My very own Pink x
014 by sarah de

half sleeve rose

by sarah de azevedo @ oni tattoo gallery salt lake city utah
week 02 week of 06/20/2010:

rose tattoo sleeve

week of 06/20/2010: saturday. at home. cleaning my room. watching psycho beach party ! view larger explore !