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746(65)  Corris duo SIR HAYDN, with

the 23 tatoo

SIR HAYDN, with freight, and 7, with passenger in Maespoeth yard.
Irish - Age of Victoria From the Age

tattoo on 23

From the Age of Victoria comes yet another image across a seam between Ages in the Multiverse. ---- Model: Irish Heather Collins Photographyer: c'est moi Photographer's Assistan: Judith Turano ---- [Strobist info: Alien Bees AB800 high over subject, AB1600 shoot thru umbrella camera right, ABR800 shoot thru umbrella camera left]
Michael Jordan My friend Sarah

tattoo with 23

My friend Sarah has the funniest tattoo :-)
23.8: Tan Lines What do half-day

23 in tattoo

What do half-day Fridays during the summer at work mean? I get to spend my Friday afternoons poolside. Which is exactly what I did this afternoon. Now to get showered and ready for Jason Isbell at the Cannery tonight!
Permanence (the synchronicity) Tattoo Convention, Richmond,

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Tattoo Convention, Richmond, Virginia. Tattoo artist's latex covered fingers over work between left thumb and forefinger. Oh and: The Law of Fives states simply that: ALL THINGS HAPPEN IN FIVES, OR ARE DIVISIBLE BY OR ARE MULTIPLES OF FIVE, OR ARE SOMEHOW DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY APPROPRIATE TO 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong. In the Erisian Archives is an old memo from Omar to Mal-2: "I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look." - The Principia Discordia , Robert Anton Wilson In some silly lecture somewhere, Wilson suggests that he picked 5 as object of this gag because of the 5 fingers on most people's hands.
23.45: More Space Than You Would Need We now continue

23 tattoo on back

We now continue with your regularly scheduled Musical A-Z. Today's photo brought to you by the letter D. Those who know my music know that D was always going to be one of three bands: Death Cab for Cutie, the Decemberists, or Drive-By Truckers. And unfortunately for Katrina, who was pulling for the DBTs, today was an all-around Death Cab kind of day. I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom this afternoon, and then laid down to listen to the rain on my window. So, as an ode my queen sized bed, today's song is: Death Cab for Cutie: Your New Twin Sized Bed You look so defeated lying there In your new twin sized bed With a single pillow Underneath your single head I guess you decided that that old queen Was more space than you would need And now it's in the alley behind your apartment With a sign that says it's free And I hope you have more luck with this than me Y
mbk_tattoo_7 MBK Tattoo Contest

the 23 tattoo

MBK Tattoo Contest 2008 Oct 23 Bangkok Thailand. Taken with Nikon D80 and Tamron SP AF28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Model-A09NII handheld flash didn't fire
745BN(64)  Corris contrast On the left

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On the left is no.7, built 2005 to the Kerr Stuart "Tattoo" design; on the right no.3, supplied in 1877 by Falcon (later Brush) of Loughborough.
mbk_tattoo_13 Taken at one

23 tattoo picture

Taken at one of the Tattoo booths...MBK Tattoo Contest 2008 Oct 23 Bangkok Thailand. Taken with Nikon D80 and Tamron SP AF28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Model-A09NII handheld flash didn't fire
FecalBlues Knocked something together

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Knocked something together for Fecal Face Free Fridayz. Figured i'd start the year by giving my WACOM some love, hopefully that'll transfer some creative energy over to my box of paints! I'm always going on about my troubles with 'the blues' that you'd think they were a species of nasty bastards. So you'll be getting a deeper look into the world of these guys, while i try beat them.