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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2005 Visit the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Website for information about this year's event
KIlted Whirl Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2005 Visit the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Website for information about this year's event
It's getting there The tattoo on

tattoo scottish thistle

The tattoo on the left was my early christmas present :) it's a scottish symbol ("luckenbooth") meaning love and devotion. It says "to love and be loved". The middle symbol is a celtic tree of life, symbolizing that my family roots run deep, within me. The symbol surrounding it is a celtic clauddah which symbolizes that love is holding us all together. And the tattoo on the right was my first. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old. She was my best friend. And that tattoo started this whole excursion that my family is always behind me, always there. merry christmas :)
Silver bellydance top I made this

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I made this top myself, and I'm quite proud of it!! July 2004 - Broxburn, West Lothian.
Competitor Portrait A competitor at

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A competitor at the Lake City Minnesota Scottish Highland Games on 7/25/09.
The Boy in Red The Edinburgh Military

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The Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2008
Marc & Friends The Hallion/ Home


The Hallion/ Home House October 2006
3 7 1 9 Craig Smith awaits

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Craig Smith awaits his turn in the heavyweight contest at Bathgate & West Lothian Highland Games 2009
Charge !! Historial pageant at

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Historial pageant at Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2001
celtic illustrator pattern brush celtic design frame

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celtic design frame Images available for sale on Shutterstock
Hold Fast My first tattoo,

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My first tattoo, done on 29/11/2011 on the right side of my right leg, by Andy Walker @ Creative Vandals, Hull, UK. The saying 'Hold Fast' is the motto to the Scottish side of my family and belongs to the clan MacLeod. The red rose symbolises respect.
Edinburgh Castle This is the

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This is the main entrance to Edinburgh Castle. You can see that they were already preparing the stadium seating for the Scottish Military Tattoo which takes place at the castle each year. You may also notice that there are statues of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace on the sides of the entrance. The Half-Moon Battery is the rounded area just beneath the UK flag. Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh, Scotland.
Secret Wars One from quite

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One from quite a bit back. Promoting Secret Wars EuroLeague with the rest of Team Glasgow (except Elph): Conzo, Vues, Estum and Rekor. Next battle is with Bristol (in Bristol... Ooooh...) on the 14th! Cheers JasonThirteen for the flick (bit blurry mister?!)