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The tattoo on the left was my early christmas present :) it's a scottish symbol ("luckenbooth") meaning love and devotion. It says "to love and be loved". The middle symbol is a celtic tree of life, symbolizing that my family roots run deep, within me. The symbol surrounding it is a celtic clauddah which symbolizes that love is holding us all together. And the tattoo on the right was my first. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old. She was my best friend. And that tattoo started this whole excursion that my family is always behind me, always there. merry christmas :)
Tattoo 1 New tattoo! It's

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New tattoo! It's a Scottish thistle.
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scottish and thistle and tattoo

original design by Paul Roe of BritishInk Tattoo, Washington DC. Canvas by Tracy Lee ;) (the "glow" is the tan line, keep it covered when exposed to protect the colors)
IMG_2723.jpg Left shoulder, just

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Left shoulder, just outline.
Drawing The original drawing

bee flower tattoo art

The original drawing for the dinosaur (clearer view, as it is difficult to photograph the 'whole picture' once the artwork is tattooed onto a 3D shape, ie. arm) Tattoo by Nick Baxter, Austin, TX
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Lotus Flower: Dying....