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Citizen of Rome Rome, Italy

feet script tattoo

Rome, Italy
N46TW November Four Six

family in script writing

November Four Six Tango Whiskey in a handwritten blackletter font. It was my dad's tail number (he was a pilot). He, my mom, my sister, and two dogs passed away in a plane crash on July 24, 2011. I'll remember them always. Thanks to Heath at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo for doing an awesome job!
Dudes born in the same year Done last week

tattoo in script writing

Done last week
Her Another, more intimate,

writing script tattoos

Another, more intimate, experiment in light painting.
*Tattoo Kindergarten Fun* explored Offcourse another great

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Offcourse another great thing about tattooing is that you get to play with paper and pencils a lot! Like being back in kindergarten, great fun! The beauty is that you design something, and the person who takes the tattoo, will be waring a bit of you for the rest of their lives....that's so special and awesome to me!! Explored june 4th # 117
New tattoo :) I got a

script writing tattoo on wrist

I got a new tattoo tonight and I am so excited about it. I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately and I finally am beginning to feel relieved and see that I am in charge of my life- I am the only person I can depend on all the time. I have endless possibilities and the rest of my life to be happy and successful (hopefully! lol) Anyways this tattoo is completely for myself, to remind myself that I can do anything and that I dont need someone else to make me happy :)
new foot tattoo, Malayalam representation of a Goethe quote Second tattoo, one

tattoos on the feet script

Second tattoo, one day old so still not sure what it's gonna look like next month, let alone next 10 years. Tattoos are like relationships, you always hope they can always be as good as they are now and that you can always feel the same way about them. The language is Malayalam, spoken in Kerala, India. And it's green like Kerala too. Here is what it looks like when it's healed.
See how this love stays divine my first tattoo.

writing script for tattoos

my first tattoo. It was meant to remind me (because I forget everything) to have faith in something, anything. Hope.
tattoo lettering writing Craigy Lee Tattoo

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Craigy Lee Tattoo Artist 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom (uk) 020 8840 7717 (Studio)