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IMG_5795.JPG Trains in Hariwar

indian shiva tattoo

Trains in Hariwar Station
Japanese-Tattoo1 Japanese Tattoo -

shiva tatouage

Japanese Tattoo - more infos on
Shiva statue at Murudeswar Closeup A closeup of

free tattoo of shiva

A closeup of the statue: General Note: I am more than happy to share my work under the creative commons license { attribution – share alike – non commercial }, However I will greatly appreciate your intimation before you publish any of my photos.
I Hear Thunder, but there's no Rain! "This kind of

tattoo portrait shiva

"This kind of Thunder breaks Walls and Window Panes!" Thunder by The Prodigy
The tattoo series unknown male @

tattoo shiva free

unknown male @ shiva's garden 2 - ilha da fantasia - brasilia - df - brasil
Vision. Snir, a dear

tattoos of shiva

Snir, a dear friend and a master behind the needle and the pen, downtown Tel-Aviv streets, the studio is alive with colors and shapes...Vision tattoo it's called and VISION is what you will get!
Tattoo flash: hindu gods (line) Color version coming

tatuagem de shiva e ganesha

Color version coming soon! If you are interested in using any of these designs, feel free to send me a message through Flickr. Non-watermarked, high resolution, borderless versions are available.
* The Auspicious One * This is for

free tattoo shiva

This is for Textures Only ~ Competition #29 With thanks to…. Original image ~ Krossbow Texture ~ Eddi Model ~ Marcus Ranum ~ Front Page Explore ~ Feb 7th, 2009~
Shiva Piece on V This is the

hindu shiva tattoo

This is the first pass in black and grey on my close friend V.
Shiva ...she's been living

shiva tattoo free

...she's been living on my right shoulder since November 2005. We're still very good friend, but she's definitely starting to get impatient about having a fellow ink friend ;)
 Rubens Costa e

shiva tatuagem

Rubens Costa e sua primeira tatuagem no braço(em progresso)
Buddhism Unfortunately i don't

tattoo of shiva

Unfortunately i don't know the exactly meaning of this sign, i think it's buddhism and something around OM (?) I took the face for the inner definitely from a book of hindu art. You see 2 steps, but it was only one session today. I thought it would be a good idea to have an extra shot only for the black. Maybe i see the girl (my client) again at any time within the next weeks to get a shot after healing, when the white color is more clean and the fine shadows are more smooth. She came extra from outside to my studio. Heaven's Tattoo