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Finishing My Ink I was happy

tattoo skin torn

I was happy with the original piece that I had done on my chest/collarbone area, but the pain and disability from my nerve damage covers so much more area than that... I just had to go back and make it bigger. :-) I'm gonna be an interesting looking nursing home patient when I'm 80. :-P
El inicio (These boots are made for walking... this life, for living...) Nací un 11

nu skin tattoos

Nací un 11 de noviembre... morí ayer y renazco hoy
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tattoo under peeling skin gallery

view large . my tumblr .

second skin tattoo

Chris Sleeve Details Done at Red

tattoo ripped skin

Done at Red Dog Tattoo Benalmadena & Torremolinos
Thirty Two. My favourite tattoo.

tattoos pale skin

My favourite tattoo. It is straight, apparently I just am not able to stand straight. Making plans for my next few ;) My fan page;
Ears Ears... Ears on

second skin tattoo designs

Ears... Ears on a skin are very important to me, they are attached to the face, and IMO if the ears are ugly, it makes the face ugly too! So ladies, if it looks like something unspeakable could crawl out of your head holes, if they look like last weeks leftovers, or if they look like they've been stepped on by an elephant, HIDE THEM, or cover them with hair or prim ears ffs. Or if you've got balls, IM the creator and ask why there are bacon flaps attached to you head! :P It took me forever to get these just right! I redid them several times and during the process I learned a lot about the way light reflects off of skin, because ears are naturally pretty shiny on the inside with lots of creases, crevices, bends and variations in texture, translucency and color.
Scritture epidermiche Olympus OM10 135mm/f3.5

skin tattoo designs

Olympus OM10 135mm/f3.5 Fuji Neopan1600 XTOL Stock
PORTRAIT OF HIS DAD by Beto Munoz of  Tattoo by Beto

biomechanical tattoo skin

Tattoo by Beto Munoz of For more info or pictures on Beto Munoz Please checkout
 To see the

ripped skin tattoo

To see the words clearer click "ALL SIZES" above the photo.
nikitas new tattoo close up this is the

stained skin tattoo

this is the tattoo close up (straight after it was finished - so it looks a little raw!) - it shows the shape of New Zealand with her celtic heritage (Scottish and Irish) the 3 flowers represent me, her Dad and her much missed and adored Grandmother. Im the yellow chrysanthemum!!!!!
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