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Tattoo & Piercings Project - Kaye (C) JuliaRomanoPhotography
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model with snake tattoo

(C) JuliaRomanoPhotography Tattoo & Piercings Project - Kaye April 2012 Kaye is a very different individual, her past stories she shared with about the meanings of her tattoos were inshrining, as she went through stages of cutting and attempted suicide. This made her realize lots of things, that life is more important and she become a stronger person.
Russo at work home tatttoing by

circle tattoos wrist

home tatttoing by mexican tattoo artist 'russo' / naualli ñuu savi
Snake Eyes June 2011.
Model: Kayla

amazing snake tattoo

June 2011. Model: Kayla Dowell. Her ball python name is Mai-tai. ;)
FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) back piece tattoo FUDO-MYO-O

japanese koi to snake tattoo

FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) JAPANESE TRADiTiONAL back piece tattoo fanatic tattoo yokohama , JAPAN KARYU-BONTEN
Star k Adding the reds...

red star tattoo wrist

Adding the reds...
Dirge Within trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within.

tattoo wrist band

trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within. club firestone: orlando, florida. dec. 12th, 2009.
Key Tattoo

key wrist tattoo
Hardcore Brighton. January 2011.

font tattoo wrist

Brighton. January 2011.