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That is my snow flake I have a

That is my snow flake

I have a very good, and emotinal reason for a snowflake, please never get a tatoo "just because"

Photo by: kustommghia

Jessica Smith said 9 years ago:
You say: "I have a very good, and emotinal reason for a snowflake, please never get a tatoo "just because"." Who are you to tell people that they must have a "very good, and emotional reason" to get a tattoo? Tattoos are art for some people, a beautification of the skin, if you will. I don't think you should be pressing judgement on people who get tattoos for their own reasons, whether or not you deem them "good".
de said 9 years ago:
Good call Jessica Smith
Liz said 9 years ago:
... all my tats are "just because"... just because I wanted them or because I thought they looked sweet. No real rhyme or reason to them. Jessica, you got it right girl :)
Kat said 9 years ago:
I think you guys may have taken this guys comment a bit to much to heart, I must say this guys comment is a bit blunt/straight to the point but i agree with you allh. Jessica if someone is getting a tattoo for art reasons/beautification to the skin, then that will mean something to them and Liz you say all your tatts are "just because" but i bet now you have good memory/story to go with them, maybe something that happened during the time your tatt was being done like a silly/serious convo. My tatts i have had done when something has affected me in life but there has been times i see something and go 'oh what the hell i like how it looks' and actually i did have one done in that circumstance, but everyone has their opinion. So go gets some more tatts guys lol and feel the ink luurrrvvveee!! xx

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