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Strike A pose @ Crazy Horse, West Covina Where you

michael hernsin Where you can see the rest of the madness @ Photo: Michael Hernsin F| M| T|
SKULL Death Squadrons? Mr.

tattoo drawing sword

Death Squadrons? Mr. Marek 's Son's fist. Warszawa, Wola, October 2009 Digital, Mark II, 24-70 Canon Zoom Lens, 21 MgPx
pirate chick This is Sarah,

sword fighter tattoo

This is Sarah, she's a mix of glammorous Carrie, and tough Alex, but she doesnt like to fight much, she's more of a pirate form. ^_^
Freehand Skull tattoo Milosh® style (next day) Miguel Angel Custom

tattoo archangel michael

Miguel Angel Custom Tattoo Artist London United Kingdom 00 44 7501 845 139 (Mobile)
Thundercats Mi amigo Marco

sword tattoo design

Mi amigo Marco interpretando a Lion-O
Worshipping Kokopelli in a TuTu Test Shoot at

st george

Test Shoot at St. George Island, FL
Ambriella with broadsword I love when

sword in skull tattoo

I love when i meet a model who is absolutely perfect for a Tarot card idea I have. I was talking to my friend Connie (who posed with her son for the Judgement card ) and telling her of my idea for the ten and ace of swords cards. I wanted the cutest, most petite, goth girl I could find holding a broad sword bigger than she was. A minute later, Connie found Ambriella on Model Mayhem (where I've gotten several models for this project). I wrote her and she was totally into the idea. Hopefully I'll get to shoot her again soon.
Underground Ink A nice skull

sword rose tattoo

A nice skull and sword on the wall at Underground Ink.

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TATTOO MANILA" "PHILIPPINES FRANK# 09278902103"black and grey saint michael tattoo
T-shirt_Design_Template_210 In the name

sword wings tattoo design

In the name of freedom