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01.26.11 more tattoo photos..

sun moon stars tattoos

more tattoo photos..
who needs a spa this mud is free 4 of 12


sun and moon with bird tattoo

4 of 12 shhh, don't tell him the cows have'a been poopin in that mud,,, eghwww
Celestial Tattoo Photo by Sherrie

tattoo stars sun moon

Photo by Sherrie Thai of
Moon SUn Connected by MOTOBLURâ„¢

black sun and moon tattoo

Connected by MOTOBLURâ„¢ on T-Mobile
Icy falls and a Bad fall, at Machine falls, Manchester TN just as I

sun moon water tattoo

just as I was getting started shooting this set, my son Jonathan who was with me, slipped on an icy ledge and fell into 8 inches of water, being close to a mile from the truck, I quickly put my sweater on him and we humped it out to the truck with in minutes, he is good now, his knee is a little tender, but no frost bite, whew, and he tuffed it out like a champ
017 My table top...

tattoo moon and sun

My table top...
body modification day! so today my

sun and moon

so today my dad was booked in to get some of his tattoo finished and i managed to get myself a wee apointment last minute! i wasnt going to tell anyone but zoe decided that she wanted to come into town too so we sent her of to get her lip pierced again! Then i got a phone call from mat saying that he was in town booked in to get his bridge pierced! so we all ended up getting some form of body mod today! good times! bow - joseph @ white dragon tattoo sleeve - chris crooks @ white dragon tattoo bridge - Stu -@ otherside lip side - stu @ otherside
The Girl, The Sun & The Moon... Model: Elettra

tattoo and sun and moon

Model: Elettra
[163] High on Diesel and Gasoline * please listen

the sun and the moon with stars tattoos

* please listen * decluttr FLASHFLOOD (tm) STUDIOS | www | twitter | facebook | (c) 2010 - all rights reserved | strobist Canon 480EX bare, on floor in front of model pointed at body. 1/2 Power Trigger: lightlink photoshop brushes Scully ScreenVision
Paula's Ink Recent shot. Part

bw sun moon tattoo

Recent shot. Part of my A2 study into Tattoo's.