2009 - Tattoowise

Multiple Helicopters Photo taken on

king of tattoo 2009

Photo taken on Saturday 18 July during the Royal International Air Tattoo 2009.
LIGHTS this is lights

pretty tattoos of 2009

this is lights and shes amazing and her music is adorable :)
MBK Tattoo Contest  Now I see..

mbk tattoo contest 2009

Now I see.. The Legend of Tattoo,MBK Tattoo Contest 2009. October 23 2009 At MBK Shopping Center Bangkok Thailand
Dance Parade 2009 (1526) <a href="http://www.fitforfreedanceparade.nl/" rel="nofollow">Fit

danceparade rotterdam 2009 photos

Fit For Free Dance Parade, Netherlands, Rotterdam, 2009. This event is one of my favorites of the Rotterdam zomerfestivals. This photo is part of a big set of this day. This one was taken in the fifth half hour of shooting (jPOFdp09batch05), from 16:00 until 16:30 at Coolhaven. More batches are to follow, as my limited free time permits. Thanks for your patience. :-) Some of my best shots of this event will be posted in JeromesPOV, check the Dance Parade 2009-set over the next weeks and months. Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity? Try Dance Parade 2009 - 36 Most Interesting Ones, daily picked based on Flickr's "interestingness" magic. If you need to refer a friend to my photostreams, tell them to simply google JeromesPOF (this stream) or JeromesPOV (best shots). Map it: Google Earth | Street | Satellite | Hybrid | Nautical
2 l♡vs well I guess

elephant tattoo 2009

well I guess 3♥ ★elephants★tattoos★Chuck❤ 365 days 118/365 28april2009
IMG_6365 Mini Run London

brighton tattoo con 2009 pictures

Mini Run London to Brighton 2009
12.Feb.09 ~ My B-day ~ Tattoo Fazendo a minha

wings tattoo 2009

Fazendo a minha tatu (presente de níver). Depois de todo o sofrimento... TATTOO DRAWN BY ME.
alive London tattoo convention

london tattoo convention 2009

London tattoo convention 2009
Encontro no apê com a Lilian 33 Tatuagem da Lilian.

tatoo brasil 2009

Tatuagem da Lilian.
Walls Of Jericho @ VANS Tour 2009, Estraperlo Club del Ritme, Badalona www.myspace.com/wallsofjericho

tatuajes del 2009


Three random tattoo ideas

This is what I put behind me I should get

tattoo open mind

I should get a tattoo like this :)
IMG_9236 My latest Tattoo.


My latest Tattoo. Was visiting Miami and decided to go visit South Beach and see all the beautiful people [read: hot chicks in stripper shoes] and decided to stop into Miami Ink, which is now Love Hate Tattoo. Had wanted a glyph tattoo of my spirit animal the Bison and they came up with a good one I think. Not as painful as the cross on the ribs but not something i could sleep thru either.