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10054729 Ethiopia, near bahar

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Ethiopia, near bahar dar, portrait of woman with tattoo
Mali, Fulani woman. The Fulani are

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The Fulani are one of the many ethnic groups that live in the South of Mali. Beauty is a very important issue,especially for the Fulani women. A distinguishing feature of a Fulani woman is her lips, which are many times a blackish color from the use of Henna or tattooing done on her mouth.
Datoga warrior 2 Datoga Warrior at

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Datoga Warrior at the Mangola's market Lake Eyasi Tanzania
Toposa girl with scarifications The Toposa are

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The Toposa are one of the biggest tribal groups living in the south eastern border area of South Sudan. They live in well organised villages, with different houses for dry and rainy season, granaries, where they not only keep their supllies but also their jewelry. Traditionally, the men only wear a piece of cloth draped over the body, while the women have different types of leather skirts, depending on their age and marital status. These skirts are also different if the women are working or for festive occasions. They are embellished with different coloured beads. Both men and women adorn their bodies with scarifications.

Three random tattoo ideas

Day 168: Trying new things 11.25.09 - First

rose tattoo rip

11.25.09 - First day back, mostly spent it doing house work and getting ready for Shiva. Briefly saw a friend who was in the area, I ran out of leggings so I decided to try wearing stockings, they ripped in 2 seconds.
Drowzy Represents 509 Sunnyiside, WA rapper,

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Sunnyiside, WA rapper, Drowzy, reppin the 509 in ink.
Jenny (and Molly) This is Jenny.

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This is Jenny. At very short notice she dressed up as a doll for me this afternoon and we did a shoot as I needed a shot for a band image I'm putting together. We then thought it'd be fun to do some shots of her with her very beautiful cat Molly. The band image will be up just as soon as I've edited it all together...and you can see the finished results. Suffice to say she was a PERFECT choice. Or should that be purrrfect. aha. Strobist: 430EX II on full power through umbrella