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Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show Seraphim Shock, "Black

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Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show @ Bar Sinister, Hollywood, CA, June 26, 2010
MTU Promo - Joe Joe isn't part

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Joe isn't part of mtu but i got him in a couple shots too.
IMG_8335MC MC Chris tattoo

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MC Chris tattoo on Spott the Loonie. Original design - art from "mc chris is dead" album. Tattoo and photo by myself. Viz of original: Up next: Inspired by the above, I *finally* finish posting Zombiewalk!
Raine Wilder Album Cover Set Up Shot!

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Set Up Shot! Ryan (Raine Wilder) came to me after seeing some of the shots I did for his friend Tony Touch. I recognized him from local bands around Toledo, but apparently he was trying to do a self-release of a rap album. He wanted a single album cover for digital distribution, and had a concept ready for me. He had a pretty sweet barn out near Maumee, OH, and it turned out to be a pretty rad location for everything. Part of his concept was he wanted a real heart coming out of his tattoo on his chest with an on/standby switch protruding from it. I think after everything it ended up turning out pretty much exactly how he wanted it. I was having a little bit of trouble making the heart look convincing so I had a little help from my friend Jeeefer with the skin peeling back. Strobist: AB1600 w/ bdish boomed to right AB800 w/grid out window to left AB800 w/soft
Poster-Album Art This consumed a

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This consumed a good part of my Saturday. Part of my post-production work for a CD-album cover and poster. This is my first try a a small "commission" like this. Now you may understand why I'm failing horribly in my visiting the photos of my friends. . sorry. . . The bricks on the left side were done by making a partial "mask" and then turning it into a negative, and layering it back. There ARE flaws in it, but since it will end up as a 4 inch x 4 inch CD cover, they should be OK at that size. 1k-9480 album-poster 1cr
Jess III Strobist: Alienbee AB400

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Strobist: Alienbee AB400 camera right, shot through umbrella, 1/2 power. THERE'S ANOTHER!
DSC_9197 villa ada (roma)

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villa ada (roma)
Sorrow of Angels Sorrow of Angels

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Sorrow of Angels
Meat Is Murder The classic Smiths

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The classic Smiths album cover as a tattoo.
Swallows & Daggers - Marcin More on the

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More on the blog: with small interview with the dude himself! View On Black

Three random tattoo ideas

Back tattoo The back is

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The back is a preferred place for a tattoo because you won't be constantly assessing the quality or whether you spent your money wisely.
 <i>what are you

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what are you so afraid of? why are you feeling scared? what's the worst that's gonna happen? Thanks mom. ♥ Hopefully this will serve as a reminder for me and something to draw inspiration from in the coming months. I'm going through what is undoubtedly one of the hardest times in my life. Where it ranks in relation to other big events is yet to be determined, but suffice it to say it's one of those times that changed me drastically in a matter of weeks... it's a big deal. Despite that, I am still better than I was two years ago. If I had gotten a tattoo around this time in 2009 it probably would have been more along the lines of 'don't trust anyone ever because everyone sucks' and quite honestly I was about an inch from getting that tattooed on me instead. If I have learned anything in 20 years it's that you absolutely cannot have expectations from other people. That sounds really negative, but supposedly if you don't have expectations you can't ever be let down. I am incapable of not having expectations and always end up unwillingly trusting people, so I don't know yet if that is true. But I do know the only person you can rely on is yourself most of the time. Don't ever expect other people to be something, even if you love them and trust them with all of your heart, because they can still let you down. I truly wish for each and every person that ever sees this that if you do rid yourself of expectations it makes room for you to only be pleasantly surprised. That was not the case with me. That being said, I don't see having trusted people that ultimately hurt me as a mistake and I don't ever want to be the type of person who does. Don't ever be daunted by other people even though they can let you down, because you will always be learning from what happens - and there is a chance that they won't let you down. Or maybe the person who lets you down will lead you to someone who is a thousand times better, someone who is so much more like you that you didn't even realize such a person existed. Or maybe it will lead you to peace and finding yourself in some other way. That's what I'm hoping for. I also have it as a reminder not to be daunted by my own fear of just about everything. I struggle with anxiety about a lot of things and usually if I sit and think about those words I realize that the worst that can happen really isn't so bad or maybe has already even happened, that the hardest part is already over. I think that's probably the case right now. Anyway, I don't have many people following my antics on here and I don't think that will change much in the future, but to whomever may come across this: remember that you are strong.
And all that could have been... My first tattoo

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My first tattoo =D Literally done not long ago today. Thanks to Tess and Snake for taking me cos i'm a wimp, and Mike came along too haha. He's up next. It's meant to look handwritten, he basically copied what i had on the paper. It's from Nine Inch Nails EDIT: So i told my nan... she's just 'disappointed', we all know that emotional blackmail feeling...