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Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show Seraphim Shock, "Black

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Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show @ Bar Sinister, Hollywood, CA, June 26, 2010
MTU Promo - Joe Joe isn't part

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Joe isn't part of mtu but i got him in a couple shots too.
IMG_8335MC MC Chris tattoo

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MC Chris tattoo on Spott the Loonie. Original design - art from "mc chris is dead" album. Tattoo and photo by myself. Viz of original: Up next: Inspired by the above, I *finally* finish posting Zombiewalk!
Raine Wilder Album Cover Set Up Shot!

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Set Up Shot! Ryan (Raine Wilder) came to me after seeing some of the shots I did for his friend Tony Touch. I recognized him from local bands around Toledo, but apparently he was trying to do a self-release of a rap album. He wanted a single album cover for digital distribution, and had a concept ready for me. He had a pretty sweet barn out near Maumee, OH, and it turned out to be a pretty rad location for everything. Part of his concept was he wanted a real heart coming out of his tattoo on his chest with an on/standby switch protruding from it. I think after everything it ended up turning out pretty much exactly how he wanted it. I was having a little bit of trouble making the heart look convincing so I had a little help from my friend Jeeefer with the skin peeling back. Strobist: AB1600 w/ bdish boomed to right AB800 w/grid out window to left AB800 w/soft
Poster-Album Art This consumed a

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This consumed a good part of my Saturday. Part of my post-production work for a CD-album cover and poster. This is my first try a a small "commission" like this. Now you may understand why I'm failing horribly in my visiting the photos of my friends. . sorry. . . The bricks on the left side were done by making a partial "mask" and then turning it into a negative, and layering it back. There ARE flaws in it, but since it will end up as a 4 inch x 4 inch CD cover, they should be OK at that size. 1k-9480 album-poster 1cr
Jess III Strobist: Alienbee AB400

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Strobist: Alienbee AB400 camera right, shot through umbrella, 1/2 power. THERE'S ANOTHER!
DSC_9197 villa ada (roma)

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villa ada (roma)
Sorrow of Angels Sorrow of Angels

album tattoo angels

Sorrow of Angels
Meat Is Murder The classic Smiths

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The classic Smiths album cover as a tattoo.
Swallows & Daggers - Marcin More on the

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More on the blog: with small interview with the dude himself! View On Black

Three random tattoo ideas

2012 Calgary Underwear Affair Alberta Cancer Foundation’s

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Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair, June 2, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Underwear Affair is a fund raising event. Participation in The Underwear Affair helps lift the taboo connected with cancers below the waist. Proceeds from the Alberta Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair support the Tom Baker Cancer Centre here in Calgary and 16 other cancer centres throughout the province.
0013_024_Feb2008 Cheto Castellano &


Cheto Castellano & Naufus Figueroa Cheto Castellano presents a tattoo/performance art work. In the past has involved working with political exiles, tattooing them with portraits of persons who have been disappeared by state terrorism. In Canada, his intent is to tattoo the name or portrait of someone that is not necessarily disappeared to that person, but that is distant. The artist is interested in immigrants who have left behind members of their family or friends in their home countries in order to work and economically subsist in first world nations. Casetellano and the person being tattooed will wear masks are of Mexican Lucha Libre fighters, which are used to make anonymous the identities of the participant and the artist.
Brandy Swing B&W Nikon SB800 Fired

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Nikon SB800 Fired with Pocket Wizards, Hand Held Gold Disc Fill Light, SUN main rim lighting directly behind model