Aline - Tattoowise

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auf der donauinsel beim inselfest

tatoo de nome aline

beim inselfest
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Three random tattoo ideas

Dayak Punan Shoulder Tattoos Original shoulder tattoo

nomad tattoos

Original shoulder tattoo motives of the Dayak Punan tribe of Borneo. Based on an old photograph by Georges Bourdelon in the 60ies for the book of "Biwak auf Borneo" (original tittle in French: Bivouacs à Bornéo) by Pierre Pfeffer - 1963. Both of shoulder tattoos made in 1 session only. Made with traditional Dayak hand-tapping instruments. No Tattoo machines. ps. Throat tattoo is an old tattoo. Also a motive of the Dayak Punan Tribe of Borneo. Also handtapped.
El mas grande y el mas chico MI viejo y

tattoo luz

MI viejo y mi hermano chico
inked. first tattoo. :)

outline foot tattoos

first tattoo. :) it's impossible to get it all in one picture. but it's an octopus holding a camera, art palette, paintbrush and two of the tentacles are making a heart. done by ben at ben around tattoos.