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auf der donauinsel beim inselfest

tatoo de nome aline

beim inselfest
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Three random tattoo ideas

京都 刺青工 がっきん (GAKKIN TATTOO) こんにちは。10数年、京都、国外を往復しつつ毎日tattooをお客様と作り上げています。 京都での刺青のご予約、ご質問は直接こちらまでお願い致します!

tattoo japan waves

こんにちは。10数年、京都、国外を往復しつつ毎日tattooをお客様と作り上げています。 京都での刺青のご予約、ご質問は直接こちらまでお願い致します! 現在、在籍中 all of my works are made by freehand style. If you are interested in my works. contact to
319 i slapped this

tattoo cat on the tree

i slapped this together when i was in a particularly stupid mood today, so do pardon the lameness. so, happy soulless corporate holiday! today was actually great. i drank some canned coffee while slo opened the presents i had (a creepy framed picture and pink domo-kun!), then i got to open my rainbow brite toys! of course i'll be taking pictures of them later. we wasted some time on the tv and computer then shoved off to posado's. we haven't been there in forever, and verily, the cheese enchilada is the best food known to man. we had this same crappy waitress we've had several times before, and i wasn't feeling the love. i've always tipped her well thinking maybe she's just having a bad day? turns out she just sucks. have fun with your 8%. afterward i took slo to this place i saw on great hills trail that had a great view of a valley. i missed the turn but man am i happy, for we