Aline - Tattoowise

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auf der donauinsel beim inselfest

tatoo de nome aline

beim inselfest
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Three random tattoo ideas

DSC_5768 Best. Tramp stamp.

mermaid tattoos

Best. Tramp stamp. Ever.
my arm by cate i can take

tattoo designs fern

i can take absolutely no credit for this photo, except that it's my arm -- but it was cate 's idea, her camera, and her click of the shutter -- but then i loved it so much, she gave me the original. thank you, cate!!! we spent yesterday morning, along with brand-new san franciscian nick, basking in the tropical warmth of the Conservatory of Flowers -- almost exactly one year (minus one day) after our previous visit ! a wonderfully perfect way to start of the new year -- looking forward to many more such adventures. incidentally, cate is now the official photographer of my arm: in my favorite tree (curly willow) in one of my favorite places (point reyes)
showing it off. jen's tattoo. Halo

halo tattoo with name

jen's tattoo. Halo Tattoo, Syracuse NY