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Day 57/365: Struggle and Pant to be Free When I write

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When I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and the warmth and the love of it and the hunger for it... and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfied... and it is all one. -- M.F.K. Fisher National Eating Disorder Awareness Week A number of other strong, brilliant girls have posted pics for NEDA this week, and I thought I would respond with some comments about eating disorders that you don't find in the staggering statistics that they've shared. Eating disorders are rarely about weight. Girls with active eating disorders may say it is, but they are really starving themselves for something much deeper and more intangible. It's about control and fear and anxiety on the deepest level. An eating disorder is not a personality flaw. It's a symptom of a deeper illness that stems from genetics, environment, history, and trauma. Recovery
56/365: V is for a vain vamp in a vest. felt like it

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felt like it was time to change it up from all the silly photos i've been doing :) 1. i love to cook, except i hate it when i have pretty much all the ingredients for a recipe, except for one or two, and they're the kind of ingredients that are SO specific in flavor that they can't be substituted. grrr! 2. when i finish reading a book, the next book i read almost always has to be a completely different "mood". i can't read two serious/dramatic fiction books in a row, or two biographies in a row. just finished saramago's "blindness" (which was completely amazing and even more intense than the movie) and i'll probably read a humor book next (probably one of AJ Jacobs'). 3. looking at this photo is really really making me yearn for the spring and summer. i want the warm sun, i want to open my windows and have the breeze flow through the entire house!
Astek exchange sorry no color...didnt

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sorry no color...didnt wanna ruin it...for somereason i kinda put my all into it...havent done that in Awhile...
T is for Tattoo Post Bleach Pre

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Post Bleach Pre Color I chose tattoo because they are important parts of my body. Each one marks something in my life, be it an event or just something important I have learned or desire for myself. I've drawn the basic outline for most of the ones I have. 365 days #1 project365 #9
Radar! Radar once again!

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Radar once again!
365 Day 80 **Part of a

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**Part of a set I am doing in reference to the alphabet** I is for “Ink” I so love my tattoos, otherwise known as ink. Chloe and I counted them the other day. I can’t believe they’ve reached an amount where my six-year-old daughter and I had to actually sit there and count them. One, two, three, four, five, six!!! And we’re not talking gay ass little hidden do-jiggers you got when you were 20 years old losers tattoos, I’m talking each one rocks my world. Let’s start. On left arm we have the first significant tattoo I got, my Celtic cross. This started the theme of my left arm being purely Celtic and just plain Irish. That’s good, my name is Ryan Patrick Ward and I have huge amounts of Irish in my ancestry. I also have a Celtic seahorse on my lower forearm. I love that, it rocks and it’s very visible. Then we have a work in gross as seen in the picture above a Cel
I <3 H I J K L M Mylove's & My

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Mylove's & My Initials :)
abcdead abécédaire ABCDead! format

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abécédaire ABCDead! format 60x80.
Wordpress Wordpress written in

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Wordpress written in Farsi (Persian)
Los Angeles A tribute to

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A tribute to a city that gave and still gives such a great contribute to the skateboarding,graffiti,music and tattooing scene.
I Cape Fear Tattoo

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Cape Fear Tattoo Parlor Greenville, NC
alphabet tattoo 1 Jason Bradbury at

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Jason Bradbury at Atomic Tattoo helped me out with this one. Great guy, awesome tattoo artist/ artist . I used a typewriter font, heavy hit on paper, and enlarged it to get the deformed look. The letters are of various size. When seen as a whole, the letters look like they are spilling down my arm, with the "a" at the top of the arm, wrist. (This is a hard shot to get so I have not tried yet.)

Three random tattoo ideas

038 by sarah de

black and grey rose sleeve

by sarah de azevedo @ oni tattoo gallery salt lake city utah