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My brother, Taggart, is afflicted with ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or "Lou Gehrig's Disease," and is also an Army veteran. He's a patriot and a fighter. The tattos are only his second and third respectively. He is planning to fill his arms with tattos to shout out about his fight with ALS. Lou Gehrig has become his hero. Taggart is on a mission to own all the different Lou Gehrig baseball cards he can find. Ebay has been rocking as a resource and he's collected over 40 cards so far. When I saw these new tattoos, I couldn't wait to share them with my friends. To Taggart, who is kicking ALS in the arse.

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I don't understand it but this is my most popular photo ever! Must be something to do with her hip to waist ratio!
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Sorry if I haven't been really active recently, I just ordered my new computer and monitor (Dell U2410 24''). I have only 200 megs left on my hard drive (I'll have a 2TB HD so no worries anymore) so I'm pretty much paralyzed and I have a wedding next saturday so I'm fucked if I don't receive my computer by the beginning of next week! Once I'll have my computer I'll edit my 2-3 last shootings and there should be plenty of stuff coming up, as well as a new self portrait where I'll finally be able to test out my new cybersyncs. School is also coming back on August 25th so more project and diversity coming up too! Stay tuned!