Ambition - Tattoowise

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Ambition & Revenge My officemate's new

tattoo about ambition

My officemate's new tattoo...that's right, don't mess with our office! :-)
ambition "Body Language," a

tattoo ambition

"Body Language," a series.
Old Ambition In front of

tattoo for ambition

In front of King Kat my first shop.
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Three random tattoo ideas me johnny tomatoseed while tomás was

scar wrist tattoo

while tomás was making a sandwich for supper, i noticed these roma tomatoes have a perfect iron cross inside. i'd never seen that before. they match the detail on my tattoo. not surprisingly, my family slept late today. since we didn't have any plans, we went to HEB around one to get some food to make. with the help of me and mom, my tiny galley kitchen managed to churn out a meal for six people so vast there were ample leftovers. the temp in the apartment got up to 78, but we did it! mom's delicious chicken tenders, mmmm. after dessert and extensive house hunting online, everyone was getting restless, but it was also getting late. tomás took doug back to the hotel, and me, mom, sarah, and nana did drive-bys of a couple houses in cedar park. the neighborhood seemed really nice. it seems to be the highest contender at the moment. 8/5/12, 22:47 title: "homegrown tomatoes," guy clark
Mushroom Fairy Temporary Tattoo design.

fairies on mushrooms tattoos

Temporary Tattoo design. Pen & Ink and Photoshop, 1/27/12.