Ambition - Tattoowise

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Ambition & Revenge My officemate's new

tattoo about ambition

My officemate's new tattoo...that's right, don't mess with our office! :-)
ambition "Body Language," a

tattoo ambition

"Body Language," a series.
Old Ambition In front of

tattoo for ambition

In front of King Kat my first shop.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Linguagem Visual - Body Art Modelo: Mayara Scalabrim

tatuagem do baby

Modelo: Mayara Scalabrim Bergamo Fotografia: Isadora Secchi Silveira
Day 110/365 - Make a Change Day 110 -

carebear tattoo

Day 110 - 18th August 2009 There are a few things I'd like to change right now but the ones I have control over are as follows: - I need to have a more postive outlook on life. Yes, its very hard right now but people have it worse than me. - Start eating better rather than complaining about it all the time. - Take better photos for this project. - Move Alex back in. I also left a testimonial for my contact lukeroberts . I've been watching his photos since I found him on deviantArt around four years ago. I think about time I left one for him. FGR & TRP - Holly.Skye's Change Project
simple "We love our

simple tatoo

"We love our bread, We love our butter, But most of all, We love each other, Thank you LORD for our food. Amen." simples. como a vida deveria ser.