Ambition - Tattoowise

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Ambition & Revenge My officemate's new

tattoo about ambition

My officemate's new tattoo...that's right, don't mess with our office! :-)
ambition "Body Language," a

tattoo ambition

"Body Language," a series.
Old Ambition In front of

tattoo for ambition

In front of King Kat my first shop.
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Three random tattoo ideas

das boot necklace i made some

tattoo loteria

i made some bottle cap pendants for my little shop! some have images (like this one) from a loteria game. others have picture/ word puzzles from lone star beer. see more at:
93 snip snip cutting

tattoo virgo symbol

snip snip cutting out mei's hair for the construction paper totoro scene i made. 7/2/09 22:30