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STYLE mi hermana korky

fotos tatoo de amigas

mi hermana korky TONE :)
Pop por Juliana Schmidt

tatuagem para amigas

por Juliana Schmidt
Amizade para sempre! Cσρуrigнт 2012 Lú

desenhos de tatuagens amigas

Cσρуrigнт 2012 Lú Lαcєrdα, αll Rigнтs Rєsєrνєd.
Clásico ford f1 1952

tattoos amigas

ford f1 1952
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Three random tattoo ideas

dont worry... not even thinking

hollywood skull tattoo

not even thinking about it. not seriously anyway.
015 by sarah de

tattoo of praying hands with wings

by sarah de azevedo @ oni tattoo gallery salt lake city utah
1/365 I started this

hp tattoo

I started this project the first time around as a fresh and innocent sixteen year old and (finally) finished it the night I graduated high school but most of me feels that I did not give this project justice. A majority of the photos were thrown up without thought, edited poorly, and had no sense of unity. I was young. I had so much growing to do. I've done a lot of that growing these past two years and I feel that it's time to start documenting it again and I couldn't think of a more perfect day to start than now. This tattoo marks the end of an era and the beginning of my twentieth year. I'm sure it'll be difficult, and I'll miss a few days, and I'll lack inspiration, and I'll wonder to myself why in the hell I decided to embark on this project a second time, and I'll feel like it isn't good enough, but this is round two, and I'm giving it my best. Please View Large