Amigas - Tattoowise

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STYLE mi hermana korky

fotos tatoo de amigas

mi hermana korky TONE :)
Pop por Juliana Schmidt

tatuagem para amigas

por Juliana Schmidt
Amizade para sempre! Cσρуrigнт 2012 Lú

desenhos de tatuagens amigas

Cσρуrigнт 2012 Lú Lαcєrdα, αll Rigнтs Rєsєrνєd.
Clásico ford f1 1952

tattoos amigas

ford f1 1952
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Three random tattoo ideas

dager Dager tattoo done

skull rose eye tattoo

Dager tattoo done by Jason Kilgore
Sleeve progress! Monday we worked

girly sleeve tattoo ideas

Monday we worked on my sleeve some more, added a rose and fan at the bottom, some extra pearls, made the bow bigger, and on the inside of my upperarm is a lovely swan! I love it :) ! Just need one more sitting to add all the background now, pfew!
Tattoos Tattoo is a


Tattoo is a language as ancient as the humanity. The American Indians, the Egyptian Pharaohs or the tribes in the Polynesia already made popular this practice that has been kept alive for centuries. Nowadays, the tattoos are not only a stigma from the low class but they are an enthusiast artistic expression. In the picture, Jordi Frias in a underground parking. Pic. Albert González /