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Respect - SP (213) Beto Vilela: Email/Msn/Orkut:

paz e amor tatoo

Beto Vilela: Email/Msn/Orkut: / 21 8636-5513 Cobertura fotográfica RESPECT VIII - Dias 13 e 14 de março de 2010.
Con Sebas mi sobrinito de

tattoo mi amor

mi sobrinito de corazón.


Kanji curado Este es un

tattoo kanji amor

Este es un ejemplo de como se le puede dar un poco más de vidilla al que, en su inicio, iba a ser un sencillo kanji
ecg tattoo Visit our complete

tatuagem amor

Visit our complete works at our homepage Visite nosso portfólio completo em nossa galeria multimídia: Portfolio Multimídia
 Pés perfeitos que

amor vida tattoo

Pés perfeitos que achei na net, Linda a sandália também :]
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Three random tattoo ideas

Matt's Celtic Cross made to duplicate

celtic arm

made to duplicate his pendant Tattoo by Miss Blue. Permanently Scarred 3232 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 41613
In Progress This piece on

chimpanzee stencil

This piece on a 14 x 20 panel is basically a work in progress. Originally a background for a simple line work drawing, it has developed into something far more involved. The base layer was acrylic, though it is now essentially buried. Next I splattered some Company of Artists: blue ink mop. Great mops, we even carry them in the studio. After that I used the panel to experiment with some K-51 transparent ink markers from Krink: The K-51 is cool for both its transparency and that when you drag another color over a line they blend. Plus you can get some rad drips! Once all of that was layed down I decided to lay a new base coat over the majority of the panel. Acrylic again, in a skin tone. The stencil of the cihimp with a wrench hand is a modified version of the logo for my noise/industrial project, Rejekted Kauses: Last layer is some one shot paint, just working on my sign painting. Ragz Rejected Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden St. Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675
Skinned I've figured out

skinned tattoo

I've figured out a new way to photograph tattoos. Yes, this an actual tattoo on someone's leg! Look at all sizes, you can see her leg hairs! Also - the tattoo is still on her person, it hasn't been surgically removed! Tattoo by Joe Larralde I'll be pushing this concept into some ideas I've had lately... stay tuned!