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kes freshly plucked dec

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freshly plucked dec 06
The Filthy Rich Village Fair 25

armband tattoo female

Village Fair 25 october 08
celtic knotwork This is on

celtic armband tattoo design

This is on my left arm. Yes, it connects. I drew this out myself, and went with this particular pattern because the resemblance to the infinity symbol seemed to enforce the eternity concept.
Tribal Designs © Sherrie Thai

free tribal armband tattoo

© Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions. Created with pen/ink.
Slow Motion Walter Family Hotel Bathurst

girl armband tattoo

Family Hotel Bathurst 19 Jan 08 View On Black
20080815 - Our First Henna The B.F.F. and

armband henna designs

The B.F.F. and I got henna tattoos today, done by the excellent henna artist Heather C-N:
Dragon Arm Band A quick drawing

armband design free gallery

A quick drawing to describe my idea to someone. Dragon on the right is slightly squished because I ran out of paper! I said it was quick! ;)
Nathan Getting His Arm Band Nathan is zoned

armband designs

Nathan is zoned out - he said the pain under the arm was the worse he has felt.
Jen Photography by Jeff

armband tattoo

Photography by Jeff Mawer 09050778 Lighting Info: SB800 with shoot through umbrella on camera right, available light from the open garage on the left as fill.
Tribal armband trying to look

armband tattoo tribal thick

trying to look tough
My Tattoo I'm sure I

armband tattoos

I'm sure I could have made this photo look a hell of a lot better but it's not easy taking a photo of your right arm using a cameraphone and focus!! Photoshop could have helped out a lot more but you need to know how to use it :-) So I haven't really given the artwork any justice. Four weeks ago I took the plunge to have a tattoo. Something I've wanted to do for a very, very long time and by chance came across a design that wouldn't make holly leaves look like a christmas decoration. The tattooist was really cool and quite an artist and took a sketchy design and made it into something that I really felt happy with. He was full of advice, highly professional and a great laugh, certainly put me at ease and it didn't hurt at all - Well maybe just a little bit. ;-) Anyway, I'm proud of my tattoo, it represents someone special in my life and it's still quite new. So the novelty hasn't

Three random tattoo ideas

MODELO M005 $1180 Envio GRATIS en

tatoo de adas

Envio GRATIS en la compra de $2000 pesos o mas! Pronto tendremos MUCHAS mas maquinas, asi es que checanos seguido!!
LitllMissM.JPG LMM on Marieke

tattoo fancy lettering

LMM on Marieke tattoo by: me