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Shinganist- Usugrow's Curated Show Shinganist show Curated

usugrow art tattoo

Shinganist show Curated by Usugrow May 7, 2009 @ Fifty24SF Gallery San Francisco, California
Levi Shoot Inspired by works

antony art tattoo

Inspired by works from Antony Gormley, Jenny Saville and Mario Testino
Simple henna on Mariam for Eid A beautifully simple

pictures of indian mehndi floral art

A beautifully simple floral design. Love it.
The forest... The forest is

tattoo art dancer

The forest is one of my favourite place, marvellous views, relax, silence... I´ll be hidden in the forest, if you find me, prize... Me encanta pasear por el bosque y disfrutar de la paz y tranquilidad. ¿Jugamos al escondite?, cuenta hasta 50, me escondo y si consigues encontrarme, premio...!!! Del premio me encargo yo... ;)
Timothy Leap; Untitled Artist: Timothy Leap

free bird tattoo flash art

Artist: Timothy Leap Title: Untitled Medium: Watercolor on Illustration Board Size: 14”x14” Colorfast Tattoo, Fort Lauderdale This artwork is part of Bear and Bird Gallery's "Off the Needle" exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Exhibition runs September 5 - October 10, 2009, for more information visit our website
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Far stayin away from

art nudes tattoo

stayin away from the people.
LTC 2011 Liverpool Tattoo Convention

deviant art

Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2011 @ Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, UK
Rain Gear and Beer Cups Comfest
Goodale Park
Columbus, Ohio


reggae tattoo art

Comfest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio

Three random tattoo ideas

Escanear0003.jpg Tatuaje

flores tribal tattoos

Henna for Kim! Here is Kim's

mehndi my hand

Here is Kim's hand with my doodling. A late night henna session while we were in Calgary together. I think there is a better picture of this hand after the stain had come to full colour. Will try to locate that... Original artistry by: Larissa --