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tattoo art nackt rainer maria rolf röschke ( r3m1 ) 06.07.2005 schöne insel - heiles land - wärmende erinnerung - zerrüttetes jetzt - ein zerrissenes band - absurdheit und diffuses denken - das ende abolut und weit - sie bleibt verklärt und wie ein schleier - - die vergangenheit hat sich bewährt .
White Lotus Flower - IMG_1952 White Lotus Flower:

fine art flower tattoos

White Lotus Flower: Fine art image - Lo-key (LOw key)
Fashion Forward XXXXIII For more, visit

fine art tatoo

For more, visit • or Like me on Facebook follow me on Tumblr The Beauty Book on sale now at on Blurb Books Now available as eBook!!! Strobist Info: Nikon D700 Profoto Acute 2400 Beauty Dish to Camera Left
sling and slack original designs by

gray tattoo art

original designs by Nev
Right Side My goalie mask

tattoo art dice

My goalie mask painted by Cory at Armor Graphics. The designs are based on my tattoos with my last name on the banner around the chin.
Caged ©LeDor Inspired by

tattoo art twins

©LeDor Inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots.
Vintage Shoot

fifties tattoo art
Young American Sweetheart

sailor tattoo art

Ellen Greene's work explores the contrast between two opposing traditions; white gloves have long been known as an article of women's clothing, while the art of tattooing has been regarded as traditionally male pursuit. White gloves evoke a sense of purity and of formality, while the art of tattooing may suggest carnal sexuality and rebellion. The tension between the two helps define Greene's personal aesthetic, as well as her original tattoo-inspired designs which adorn these vintage gloves. Most of the gloves here were constructed from the 1900s-1960s. Gloves from this era were still an item that was worn by women to weddings, funerals and formal dances as a symbol of good breeding, chastity and humility. Today we now view vintage gloves as exotic, sexy and alluring new accessories. These gloves are not intended to be worn, but displayed as works of art.
uglyshylaamber4 Me modeling

tibetan art for tattoo

Me modeling a amazing amber necklace by Hayley Nicholas who makes amazing jewelry and also spiritual oils as well as other things.Photo by DCB Studios .You can contact Hayley Nicholas through her FB to see what jewelry she has available

Three random tattoo ideas

bodymod_photo_final_5_by_xxmerezxx Intermediate photo final

tattoos behind of ears

Intermediate photo final on body modification. Shot on film, then scanned prints in for here. Sorry shitty scanning quality.
Love love! Yesterday Dan took

less than 3 heart tattoo

Yesterday Dan took me to see his tattoo artist. These are what we came home with :D Alternative engagement rings =D More/better photos later, I promise.