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Readin' reading newspaper on

asa tatto

reading newspaper on fire.
Asa and Christine Asa and Chris

tattoo de asa

Asa and Chris accomponied us on our dinner.
Heart close up!!!! 13 agulhas....

tatuagens asa

13 agulhas....
Lookin' at Pudge Kodak Retina II

asa tattoos

Kodak Retina II a Walgreens 200 film My friend Mindy getting a tattoo of her deceased cat, Pudge.
No mar. "Se nossas vidas

tatuagem de asa

"Se nossas vidas já são tão difíceis de viver é penitência não dar um espaço para o amor. Eu não consigo tirar você da cabeça, sigo sonhando e tentando afogar a solidão... No mar, no mar" Natiruts. ps. Minha prima linda na foto (:
Abandon Ship Apparel. Commissioned work for

tattoos by asa

Commissioned work for Abandon Ship Apparel. Olympus µ[mju:]-II. Kodakcolour film.
Tom I got bored,

asa tatoo

I got bored, so here's another archive shot, this time from June 2011. Strobist: 1 x Canon 430exII through white shoot-through umbrella 1 x Canon 430ex gelled blue, bare for rim. Press L for best viewing. Originally shot for Devil Down as part of their promos.
home tattoo disposable camera 400iso

tattoo asa

disposable camera 400iso
IpleHouse Girls Asherah - EID

foto de asa para tatoo

Asherah - EID Light Brown Lahela Kumari - SID Tokyo Story NS Asa Rue - EID NS Carina (face-up by Lyn Raftis) Eva - SID RS Stella
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Three random tattoo ideas

Zaghunluq Mummies, Cherchen / Qiemo, Xinjiang, China All these mummies

baby hand tattoo

All these mummies were among many excavated at the Zaghunluq cemetery near Cherchen / Qiemo, Xinjiang, China. Of more than 800 tombs here, less than 100 have been excavated to date. The two mummies in the upper left, 2,400 years old, are on display at Zaghunluq, as are 14 other mummies in a group tomb. Some of these fourteen 2,600-year-old mummies are shown in another photo in this set: in their original resting place in the Zaghunluq Ancient Mummy Tomb. The other mummies in this photo are on display elsewhere: The man in the lower left, known as Cherchen Man or Ur-David (3000 years old), and the woman on the lower right, known as Cherchen Woman (3000 years old), and the baby are on display in the Xinjiang Regional Museum in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The woman in the upper left, whose tattooed hand is also shown, is on display
Kristie_California_37481 Model: <a href=""

converse tatto

Model: Kristie California Strobist Info: LP160 Speedlight Camera Left in front. LP160 speedlight behind and camera right. Both lights fired with iSHoot remote trigger.