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Nanihta's blog My facebook fan page 500px If you want see the before/after of some of my shots, click here Si queréis ver el antes y el después de algunas de mis fotos, aquí están:
Black Swan went and seen

ballet shoes tattoo

went and seen black swan last was very good. i thought this was kinda fitting with my tattoo. these are my sister's toe shoes. I did ballet utill just before i would go up on toe. we moved and so i got pulled out of dance. I still get mad about it haha. But the movie was really weird and i went with kelsey's sister and her friend and i have to say kelsey's sister is soo smart and picked up on lots of stuff i would have missed. over all good night
day one hundred and thirty four I spent the

tattoo ballet

I spent the afternoon at my mother's dance academy, doing the head shots for her teachers. It came out really well, and I wanted to have taken more advantage of the fact that I had an empty classroom and a ballet bar all to myself, to take lovely photos. Still, with the lack of time and props, this came out. I'm not completely bummed with it, I actually kind of like it. :)
On The Box by request ,

dance ballet tattoo

by request , someone wanted it uploaded on its own :)
Deanna Deadly by SFMoe Model: Deanna Deadly,


Model: Deanna Deadly, Me! Photographer: SFMoe Taken May 2008. You can see more of my work here:
Midnight Blue "Dance is the

tatoo de ballet

"Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made ..." - Ted Shawn
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Three random tattoo ideas

Erica & Tim I set up

dante name tattoo

I set up "camp" on the corner of 13th and Hoyt, with my "100 Strangers Photography Project" sign and Tim was the first person to approach me. After I explained what I was doing, he asked his companion Erica if she wanted to take part too. They both agreed, and asked if I wanted the dogs in the picture too. I said I definitely did, but the dogs Marco (right) and Dante (left), probably distracted by all of the people, would not look at the camera. Lovely people and very cute dogs. 20/100 of my attempt at the 100 Strangers Project. [ ]