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Nanihta's blog My facebook fan page 500px If you want see the before/after of some of my shots, click here Si queréis ver el antes y el después de algunas de mis fotos, aquí están:
Black Swan went and seen

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went and seen black swan last was very good. i thought this was kinda fitting with my tattoo. these are my sister's toe shoes. I did ballet utill just before i would go up on toe. we moved and so i got pulled out of dance. I still get mad about it haha. But the movie was really weird and i went with kelsey's sister and her friend and i have to say kelsey's sister is soo smart and picked up on lots of stuff i would have missed. over all good night
day one hundred and thirty four I spent the

tattoo ballet

I spent the afternoon at my mother's dance academy, doing the head shots for her teachers. It came out really well, and I wanted to have taken more advantage of the fact that I had an empty classroom and a ballet bar all to myself, to take lovely photos. Still, with the lack of time and props, this came out. I'm not completely bummed with it, I actually kind of like it. :)
On The Box by request ,

dance ballet tattoo

by request , someone wanted it uploaded on its own :)
Deanna Deadly by SFMoe Model: Deanna Deadly,


Model: Deanna Deadly, Me! Photographer: SFMoe Taken May 2008. You can see more of my work here:
Midnight Blue "Dance is the

tatoo de ballet

"Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made ..." - Ted Shawn
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Three random tattoo ideas

Scottish Sleve Tattoo Done at Red

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Done at Red Dog Tattoo Benalmadena Costa & Torremolinos
Saucy Senorita Tote Bag This tote bag

1950 pinup tattoo

This tote bag will make you want to find the nearest Fiesta! This season, big bags are back and this bag is such a great size you can get just about anything in it! One look and you can taste the Margarita on your lips and hear the Mariachi music! The perfect thing to keep those winter blues at bay. A Limited Edition Madame Maxine’s Design Original. This colorful Alexander Henry print shows lovely Senorita’s amongst the cactus, roses and an Old Mission. Just about every color in the rainbow is in this gorgeous print which makes it really fun and funky! Swarovski Crystals in White, Pink, Blue and Red embellish the design on the flowers and ladies themselves. The contrasting fabric is Red Geranium Cotton and the bag is trimmed with Lime Green Pom-Poms. The interior has one large divided lined pocket, perfect for a pen, cell phone and iPod, or anything else you’d like.
Neck and Arm Tattoos Tattoos done by

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Tattoos done by Tattoo Loco Miami