Beach - Tattoowise

house of ink. venice beach, ca. 2007. mamiya 6MF 75mm.

venice beach tattos

mamiya 6MF 75mm. kodak portra 160VC. lab: A&I color, santa monica, ca.
No Need For Hater Blockers self shot :)

beach nudes

self shot :)
DSC03965 5hours ... but

koi and beach tattoo

5hours ... but was worth it
A Mischievous Phone Call? I wonder what

south beach tattoo

I wonder what life would be like if everyone had a description on the side!
nypics 094 Drew Brophy Surfboard

beach surfboard tattoos

Drew Brophy Surfboard tattoo
Home sweet home This is a

beach leg tattoo

This is a tattoo a friend of mine got as an ode to his hometown, Long Beach, California.
Sunblock Saw this guy

topless tattoo beach

Saw this guy on the beach at the chicago Air and Water show. He is making REALLY sure that he doesn't get a sunburn.
Gone with the wind Costão do Santinho

beach foot tattoos

Costão do Santinho - Florianópolis

Three random tattoo ideas

the phoenix tattoo rhiannon had her

tattoo art phoenix

rhiannon had her phoenix tattoo finished up tonight. I documented the finishing marks of an ongoing tattoo that took over a year.
Korey definitely best viewed

crown tattoo hand

definitely best viewed large Korey got a new tattoo at Southern Steel in Pikeville. Apparently they're some pretty rad dudes. If you're in the area and are looking to get some ink done, definitely check them out :] Oh! And the guy that did this, proposed to his wife in one of the sweetest most original ways. He tattooed "will you marry me" on his leg with a box that said "yes" and a box that said "no", so that when he knelt down, it was showing. He handed her the tattoo machine (she is not a tattoo artist and had never done it before)--she made a check in the yes box, of course.