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Three random tattoo ideas

Desia Kondh tribe, Orissa, India DESIA KONDH Tribe.

perfection tattoo

DESIA KONDH Tribe. The women are readily identifiable by their geometric facial tattoos that on close observation bear striking similarity to tiger's whiskers. These identifying marks ensure they will recognize each other in the spirit world. Orissa, India,2010 In EXPLORE 9 July 2011 # 276 ©Ingetje Tadros
365 day 79 Felicia Today's theme's are

sepia rose tatto

Today's theme's are about beauty and Tennessee Williams. I selected "The Rose Tattoo" for my inspiration. Please don't judge me by my lack of drawing skills. (Dry erase marker) TRP: Tennessee Williams FGR: Beauty
hm I Will Not

tatoo on palm of hand

I Will Not Forget You. I Have Carved You on the Palm of My Hand. (Isaiah 49:15)