Bird - Tattoowise

Turkey morning on the

sunset with a bird tattoo

morning on the lake
phoenix_tribal_026_wip1 Still not sure

phoenix bird art tribal

Still not sure what I'm going to do in the wings.
Timothy Leap; Untitled Artist: Timothy Leap

free bird tattoo flash art

Artist: Timothy Leap Title: Untitled Medium: Watercolor on Illustration Board Size: 14”x14” Colorfast Tattoo, Fort Lauderdale This artwork is part of Bear and Bird Gallery's "Off the Needle" exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Exhibition runs September 5 - October 10, 2009, for more information visit our website
pheonix in flamme - Chuck Lambert TATTOO par Marie-Maude

tattoo phoenix bird photo

TATTOO par Marie-Maude Légaré de
Phoenix_Tribal_026 Pen & ink

tribal phoenix bird

Pen & ink on bristol board, 11x14.
Tribal, Art & Shop Tribal woman with

tribal bird tatoo

Tribal woman with tatoos in her body around sitting in her shop, at weekly Haat (local market) in South Bastar, Chhattisgarh.
Crow Woman Amazing work in

crow bird tattoos

Amazing work in progress
Tango à la Vieille Bourse Un air de

retro tattoos bird

Un air de fin d'été, hors du temps à la Vieille Bourse le dimanche soir. La musique envahit le lieu et tout se met en mouvement....
Tattoo -ETt Novembre 2009

redhead with bird tattoo

-ETt Novembre 2009
zoom out, mama! belly is going

baby bird tattoo

belly is going to extend out of the frame if we don't. :)

Three random tattoo ideas

4:52 - Workout Plan I am

tattoo real I am officially a fat ass! I weighed myself earlier this evening to see how much I exactly weighed (cause at my last visit to the doctor, i was about ten pounds lighter than I am now) and that is 168lbs. Yes, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT POUNDS!! About two years ago, I was at my heaviest (170-180lbs) and I do NOT intend to get that big ever again -- unless of course, I'm with child and that AIN'T happening anytime soon. I've been telling myself, "Oh, I'll start working out today." Today turns into tomorrow and tomorrow always ends up a week. A week turns out to be a month, and so on and so forth. I've said that the entire time I was out of school during summer break. That would have been the perfect opportunity to lose weigh because I wasn't taking any summer classes nor was I working, but I never kept up with my exercises. I mean, I started to run back