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Love is at hand... I know the

birthstone tattoo

I know the general idea that this has been done before many times with the hand forming the shape of a heart of the belly. However, I thought it would be neat if one hand from each parent was involved. Both have a tattoo on their ring finger on the left hand. When I asked what it was they said something on the order of an 'engagement tattoo' or at least that's how I remembered it. The ring has a date stamped in it, I'm assuming it's a mothers ring and the date is the little boys birth date.
Mandi's Girl. My good friend

birthstone tattoo gallery

My good friend Siah's girlfriend Mandi, who has also become a good friend to me, has a beautiful tattoo of this elegant gypsy on her arm. this is a close up her face and the stone above it... the face coincidentally and strikingly resembles Mandi herself.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Blossoms Fall And Leaves Scatter The evanescence of

tatuagens de kanji

The evanescence of wordly things. Il primo tatuaggio; mi ero ripromessa di fotografarlo prima di fare il terzo, visto che il secondo di foto ne ha pure troppe. Io amo la mia schiena e detesto le braccia, quindi se qualcuno ha qualcosa da dire sulla piega cicciosa della spalla - che รจ veramente inguardabile - ci pensi due volte >_< Explored #220 _ 23 Settembre 2008
time immemorial but i thought


but i thought i would document their existence.
Is. 9:6 Obrigada Marcelo (Horst

caligrafia gallery

Obrigada Marcelo (Horst Tattoo)... Valeu mesmo queridooooo!!!!