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Kei New model I

black korean tattoo

New model I just worked with. She is a pure natural.
Model: Jainey (MM #2214502) Model: Jainey
Shoot: Ohh

beautiful photoshoot in black and white tattoo

Model: Jainey Shoot: Ohh Foxy Lady To see more, visit Jainey's gallery by DVJ Photo
gypsy lady Done by Tom

black gray shading

Done by Tom Ruki at Tenacious Tattoo Seffield
Owl1 Done by Jose

free tattoo gallery black and grey

Done by Jose Perez Jr. of Darkwater Tattoos 8502 S. Harlem Ave Bridgeview IL, 60455 Shop number (708)598-0999 Open seven days a week 2pm-10pm
Henna on Eman stain results with flash This is Eman.

mehndi black design

This is Eman. Beautiful rich stain results. Yes, natural henna does skin all skin tones. It does not discriminate! Make sure you use high quality henna products though, and have good aftercare
Bruna Pagliarini Bruna Pagliarini

tatuagem black and gray

Bruna Pagliarini

Three random tattoo ideas

Lifestyle Reapareciendo despues de

tatoo estilo

Reapareciendo despues de unos dias sin fotos Sesion Como Tu
Back Peace 1 This young lady

henna peace tattoo

This young lady (with a gorgeous back, I might add) came in to see me one day. She was going to Mexico for Spring Break and wanted something original to display. She wanted something somewhat trendy and so asked for an Asian symbol. I found this symbol in one of my Reiki books, which was displayed as a Chinese symbol for "Peace". I then took some creative license, adding in some flourishes and the sun border. This is during the setting phase, so that's the Henna paste you see on her back. This is one of my all-time favorite designs I have done. I wish I could have seen the finished result before she left the next day.