Black - Tattoowise

amy winehouse photo by john

black and white bee tattoo

photo by john aratan
Cool punk rocker dudes in Camden haha, this picture

black and white cool tattoos

haha, this picture makes me laugh, there were about 15 punks outside the electric ballroom, and I went up and asked if I could take their photo! They look kinda intimidating, but they're softies really!
259 H-500 c/m Ilford

black and white hand tattoo

H-500 c/m Ilford XP2 super 400
Missy Mae & Pirate his is Missy

black and white homeless photos

his is Missy Mae an her brother Pirate. Met them downtown. They actully ask me to take their picture. I said sure. They were born and raised in San Fran. After the picture Pirate asked me if i had a couple bucks. I said what the heck and hended over $2 thus making it a $2 portrait. Missy thanked me and i was on my way.
 Mally. Spring 2012.

black and white lotus tattoos

Mally. Spring 2012. Film. Please "collect me". My friend Holly and I are hoping to go to New York to see this!
OH HAI! I been sick

black and white portrait tattoos uk

I been sick at home all week :( but now I am feeling better! except I have had a headache all day. The cat brought a bird in for us this morning, nom
Dallas Model: Dallas -

black and white rose tattoos

Charlie Rae. Single portrait of

black and white roses tattoos

Single portrait of Charlie Rae.
South Africa - Zebra More of my

black and white tattoo art

More of my work can be seen at © Hasselbach Photography
I am not a waitress Oil paint and

black and white tattoo collage

Oil paint and paper collage on canvas.
My Sleeve looking fresh! This is a

black and white tattoo images

This is a pretty old photo from Christmas 2007, just had my forearm sleeved up.

Three random tattoo ideas

Koi Fish Tattoo Koi fish, sakura

koi tattoo cherry

Koi fish, sakura blossoms, traditional Japanese style water. By Zack Kinsey of Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.