Black - Tattoowise

TOTAL CHAOS 13 SHAWN SMASH (punk) What is the

black bass tattoo

What is the definition of cool? Shawn Smash my friends......
My cat tattoo (BELFI) This is me,

black cat tattoo

This is me, my beautiful cat: Belfi, and my tattoo what shows Belfi.
Black & Grey Dragon The one

black dragon tattoo studio The one and only highlight this week, while all others ask only for little stars. Sometimes (like in the moment) i'm tired of this stupid generation which waste my skills and nerves.
Mina (pullip Ddalgi) Mina found the

black geisha tattoo pictures

Mina found the doll sized door in our house...
 Finally managed to

black grey arm tattoo

Finally managed to get some of my colour medium format film scanned! This was shot with fujicolour pro 400H film with my swanky new Holga Diana F+ camera. This is from the end of the summer when we actually had a few days of sun whereby we could actually skate...
"Gone but not forgotten" "Tattoos of memories

black ink skull flash tattoo

"Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life"
Swallow Cake Pop Sculpture Part of the

black ink swallow tattoo

Part of the collection for the tv piece for this Friday. 9cms tall, available as part of INK collection of pops available at Kiss & Bake Up soon.
keys tattoo by kirk

black key tattoos

tattoo by kirk sheppard Vancouver BC Canada
Koi On my fat

black koi tatoo

On my fat arm. The artwork was done by sister and my kick ass tattoo artist tweeked it slightly to clean it up.
Cover Up #2 - Stencil

black koi tattoo design
Model with red streaks in her hair in white cut-off jeans shorts and black heels on blue with leopard print couch. Model with red

black leopard tattoos

Model with red streaks in her hair in white cut-off jeans shorts black heels and black vest on blue with leopard print couch.

Three random tattoo ideas

Bio-Mechanical sleeve. Done by Wakefields'

sleeve tattoo biomechanical

Done by Wakefields' Dave Wiper.
 bored twin sillyness

white heart wrist tattoo

bored twin sillyness