Black - Tattoowise

slumber party 632 Models: r3dh3ad, Jaine

stunning black and white tattoos

Models: r3dh3ad, Jaine Shoot: Slumber Party To see more, visit The Slumber Party gallery by DVJ Photo
CCF05012010_00002 kodak tmax 100

tattoo black abdomen

kodak tmax 100
Adam and Anthony Dad and son

black and white tattoo for son

Dad and son talking outside the tattoo shop.
HTC EVO #1 Taken with my

awesome face black white

Taken with my evo :) check out my htc evo set on the side.
sea captain. black and grey

anchor tattoo black and grey

black and grey piece just below the elbow. loads of fun! Mark Ford Evil From the Needle 232 Camden High Street London NW1 8QS
New Tattoo The 2 hearts

black and grey heart tattoos

The 2 hearts are designed from a necklace that my Grandma had. When it was spun around it said I LOVE YOU my Grandad bought it for her. It is small and gold and I was going to have colour added to match but feel it may have looked out of place on my arm with the rest of the arm being in black ink. The odd thing was when I booked the appointment to have it done I did not realize until the morning of getting it that it was 2 years to the day that my Grandma died.....spooky!
Black & White and White All Over playing around on

black and white brooklyn tattoo

playing around on a sick day, trying to feel better
Gothic Design Illustration by Sherrie

black and white tattoo illustrations

Illustration by Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions.
 Model: Annie
Photo and

black and white texas tattoo

Model: Annie Photo and Post Processing: Me
 rocknroll queen Photo by Hanja

black butterfly tattoos

Photo by Hanja
Day 165: My Tattoo This is my

black cat tattoo designs

This is my only tattoo. I got it in 1995 or 1996, I can't remember which. It hurt like hell! I haven't been brave enough yet to get another. Maybe some day.
Lovely Springtime 5/6/2012, I decided

black cute feet

5/6/2012, I decided to do a photoshoot with a beautiful readhead model we will call "Jen" to protect her identity and privacy. She wears stylish high heels and shoes, and she is a fantastic model with a lot of talent and skill. "Jen" has many fantastic poses which I liked. We took some shots outdoors late in the afternoon. I particularly like some of the shots where I really try and use the lighting and my brand new 50 mm lens at 1.8... I finally got to do a lot with blurry backgrounds this afternoon. My objective was to take advantage of my new lens to get the blurry background effect. In the end, I used the lighting in this really cool park. If you like this set, you may also like this photo: I did a great photoshoot with a beautiful model named Anna who is very attractive. Also, there is a really good, growing Flickr group named

Three random tattoo ideas

The Masks .... and now

bali traditional tattoo

.... and now we got it. The 1st upper arm is finished.