Black - Tattoowise

mark wolf head a wolf head

black panther tattoo

a wolf head i did on my friend mark choiniere, check out his awesome work
 Self Portrait.
I havent

black strip tattoo

Self Portrait. I havent done a proper one of these for a long time now. I havent done an awful lot of shoots this week, which is terrible for me as I have so many ideas I want to get out, But haven't had the chance, mainly due to home life and people whom I love taking Priority. But now I thought I should get at least one shot done for today. And try and push myself to do as many as possible in the up and coming weeks. I want to thank my close friends, family who are pushing me to be who I need to be right now and pursue what I want to be in life. Its going to be hard for a while but I'm sure within the next year things are going to start looking up.
. das Lied von

black treble clef tattoo

das Lied von meines Geschichte hat unter meinem Haut geschrieben
57 // Theresa's Back 57/365 (20.01)
Shot in

black white tattoo shots

57/365 (20.01) Shot in her appartement on a rainy day in January.
cross tatoo with quote live each day

cool black cross tattoo

live each day like its your last. Cracked cross surrounded by cloud design
Henna Project Henna by Kayley

fine black and white tattoo

Henna by Kayley Smith
100_5531 [ April 4,

show me tattoo black floral

[ April 4, 2009 ] Finally went back to see Rob at Lucky 13 and had my tattoos touched up. It was supposed to be a 3 week touch up.. but between his schedule and mine it ended up being like.. a 2 month touch-up. Anyway, just had him go over a few of the spots that had faded and add a bit more around the ankle.. no big deal. I am thinking about going back again in 3 weeks to get him to color in the flowers with white ink to help the contrast. I know it won't last a super long time but I can always get it done again and again.. and again.. Haha. Anyway. So yeah.. updated photos! Taken day of touch-up so my feet look fat and swollen again. Bleh.
July Tutú Mayo 2008 -

tattoo black foto

Mayo 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Proceso de delineado del tatuaje de Julieta Malen. En la foto: Maia, July, Sr. tatuador, Regi y yo
Delirio post Milan-Liverpool Athens 23 -

tattoo black number

Athens 23 - 5 - 2007
keith and rooster Please don't use

white ink tattoos on black people

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © Lei Lei Photography, All rights reserved.
TAT4 Detailed final images

tribal tattoo sleeve black red

Detailed final images of completed tattoo commission Volks SDC Sora with face-up and tattooing by me
Blonde model with black bikini and ripped demin shorts standing in a field of wheat. Model: Madison MM

sunshine tattoo in black

Model: Madison MM 2160515 580EX II with 2' softbox camera left 580EX II with 2' softbox camera right Rf-602 wireless remote triggers

Three random tattoo ideas

Chave Sagrada tatuagem feita por

rosas tatoo

tatuagem feita por Diego
IMG_0078 Fresh line work

lines tattoo on chest

Fresh line work