Black - Tattoowise

IMG_1224 0F38B19B1EB909158CA0C71F8574D3B6 uuid:397A954010E2DD11B0AD8F18D2DDD31C

tattoo black and korean

0F38B19B1EB909158CA0C71F8574D3B6 uuid:397A954010E2DD11B0AD8F18D2DDD31C
 Second session, start

realistic black and grey rose tattoo

Second session, start of a half sleeve
waterfall tattoo by Kirk

best black and grey sleeve tattoos

tattoo by Kirk Sheppard , Rain City Tattoo Vancouver BC Canada www.kirksheppardtattoos. com
One thing can save me "When I'm losing

black and gray tattoo shadow

"When I'm losing my mind, There is ony one thing that can save me... ....if only I knew what that was..." ~~~ Nuerologist appointment today. went alright. More medication. Mood stabilizers this time. Depakote...let's hope it doesn't make me like a zombie...and that's on top of all my other least they all still fit in my daily medicine case idont need the large one... tomorrow should be a better long as I don't freak out too much....canoeing with Drew and a couple friends.... should be fun. trying no to think about tipping over or anything...
197230_1008459909401_1762073587_13248_3899624_n Irish Tribal tattoo

black and grey clover tattoo

Irish Tribal tattoo by "tattoos by dreadz"
Phony Ad - Version 2 Phony Ad I'm

black and grey guitar tattoo

Phony Ad I'm working on for school. Any helpful advice is appreciated.
International London Tattoo Convention 2010 International London Tattoo

black and grey tattoos women design

International London Tattoo Convention 2010
amulets It was believed

black and white buddha tattoo

It was believed that Lord Buddha was previously born as a turtle called Phaya Taoreuan, and he helped protect the lives of other turtles. According to Chinese traditional Feng-Shui, the turtle is a kind of good fortune animal because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards, a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life. Senior Thai monks createed turtle amulets to help their worshippers call upon good fortune and at the same time dispel all evil dangers and troubles. It is generally believed that this kind of amulet is ideal for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Annual Tattoo Festival Wat Bang Phra March 7, 2009 in Nakhom Pathom Canon 1V Tri-X
Madeline & AJ Maddy and I

black and white contrast tattoo

Maddy and I watched a high fashion video this morning while at the DC meet up and got extremely inspired. Most of the stuff we shot today was high contrast, harsh lighting, and american apparel-esque inspired. I hope you all stop to appreciate how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Maddy and AJ are. Seriously guys. Stop being photographers and just go be models. I love these two, and I'm so happy to have met them and become such good friends with them. <3
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2009 - 58 Coney Island Mermaid

black and white face tattoo

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2009 A rainy day that held up just enough to soak in the annual color and flamboyant pageantry of "Sodom by the Sea" June 20th Tattoo dude and two lady friends after the parade posed for me exclusively.
4628800174 Tattooed young woman

black and white female arm tattoos

Tattooed young woman eating lunch | BY: Susan Rae Tannenbaum / Aurora Photos PLEASE NOTE: This image is part of Aurora's myPhone Collection of images taken with mobile devices. Available file sizes vary, and may not be appropriate for some uses. Please contact regarding up-sizing / up-ressing options.

Three random tattoo ideas

almond tree....S all works are

flower irezumi

all works are made by FREE HAND . GAKKIN TATTOO(Kyoto tattooist) now workin, at harizanmai studio. see the website
Session #1 Photo #1 A zombie hand

full oldschool sleeve

A zombie hand
Lo dulce... ... sin lo

tattoo shadow tribal

... sin lo amargo no es tan dulce. (Vanilla sky)