Bocetos - Tattoowise

Bocetos alados Probando la nueva

bocetos tattoo

Probando la nueva 450D, aun me queda demasiado grande, poco a poco.
Letras Estrangóticas Letras "estrangóticas" de

tattoo bocetos

Letras "estrangóticas" de Ondarru (como se nota el que tatua) especialista también en "Biocánicos" y "Tribiales".

Three random tattoo ideas

Sole Castle Marga asked me

sun foot tatoos

Marga asked me to draw a castle on the bottom of her foot. Four towers, one moat, and a lot of squirming later, this is what we had. ( see on blog )
Stand Taller A smashed TV

tattoo toronto gallery

A smashed TV at Brigden place and Ontaio street.
bodymod_photo_final_5_by_xxmerezxx Intermediate photo final

tattoos behind of ears

Intermediate photo final on body modification. Shot on film, then scanned prints in for here. Sorry shitty scanning quality.