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The Angel gets her Arm coloured Session 6 of

tattooed boobies

Session 6 of the "Getting Inked" project The Angel's right arm and leg gets colour and shaded. by Inma Haunted Tattoo, London
Tattoo Boobies! found in Osu

boobies tattoo japan

found in Osu Kannon..
Tattoo Boobies The name says

tattoo boobies nagoya

The name says it all....and no, I didn't take their suggestion. English is used commonly in Japan in strange and non-sensical ways, and the results are amusing and confusing. Sometimes I think the advertisers don't understand exactly what the English words imply, like here (or maybe they do). Nagoya, summer 2005.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Painted - 88/365 Some people like

tattoo full sleeve with stars

Some people like tattoos. Some people don't like tattoos. Some people ask why I have tattoos and it is always a hard question to answer. It seems very surface to paint one's body... as if you weren't happy with what God gave you or you are trying to make yourself into a billboard or trying to be cool. I guess some of that is probably true. I am drawn to other people with tattoos and I often say those people are cool. But not because they have tattoos. The reason for tattoos is something deeper. To others, it says I don't need to be accepted by you. To me, it reminds me everyday of what I value, what I love, and who I am. It represents my individualism in a world that doesn't always treat the individual kind...where the mob rules. In that world, I will take the underdogs... the people who don't live by all the rules, those who may be a little messed up by life, those who don't take the c
Kiku Japanese Geisha Pin Up Kiku is a

red chrysanthemum tattoo

Kiku is a japanese geisha pin up in a red kimono with gold and silver details and gold chrysanthemums in the background. This piece is 6 x 12 inches. Acrylic paint on canvas. $50