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The Angel gets her Arm coloured Session 6 of

tattooed boobies

Session 6 of the "Getting Inked" project The Angel's right arm and leg gets colour and shaded. by Inma Haunted Tattoo, London
Tattoo Boobies! found in Osu

boobies tattoo japan

found in Osu Kannon..
Tattoo Boobies The name says

tattoo boobies nagoya

The name says it all....and no, I didn't take their suggestion. English is used commonly in Japan in strange and non-sensical ways, and the results are amusing and confusing. Sometimes I think the advertisers don't understand exactly what the English words imply, like here (or maybe they do). Nagoya, summer 2005.

Three random tattoo ideas

7.52 ~ Cliche Saturday ~ Execution by Canon Edition This is what

tattoo of

This is what will happen when you pay more attention to your toys than your better half Haha.... no resentment what so ever... promise. ^_^ Totally inspired by this shot and and this shot by the most awesome Eric Nelson Now... I believe both these shots were explored.... the second one hitting front page... and I have seen a bunch of "shooting" yourself shots around explore in the past 9 months I have been on here. So here's my cliche for today. Cliche: 1. Shooting yourself (or in this case... someone else) with your camera 2. TOYS! There are toys in this shot 3. totally crossed processed Now... most of you who know Chris and I will totally
Tyler's Other Tattoos You may have

chainsaw tattoo

You may have seen the zombie tattoo . Well, this is Tyler who graciously showed me some other pieces of work.