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Photo I did of male model and musician Rafito, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It appears on my model/photography blog,
caminando from the Elisa

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from the Elisa shoot

Three random tattoo ideas

143 - / 365 a Life , Derailed. Second installment of

tattoo life after death

Second installment of my "in the flesh" View On Black Year : 2005 Placement : Right forearm Complete time : 6 hours chronology : 3rd tattoo This was a drawing i made on a friends coffee table back in 1999. over time i changed a few parts of it,then redrew it before i got it inked into my skin. I shopped the photo so you can see the whole thing,as it wraps around my inner forearm. At the heart of it,is a warped Infinity style symbol,branching out towards my hand. this particular idea for me was this ... I have 4 points to my life and this tattoo is reflective of them 1 the person i was born, 2 the person i have become, 3 the death of my body, and 4 the death of my mind/imagination. on the left there is a point that looks like a claw,or spike. this is the Person i was born. the