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tattoo boricua

Photo I did of male model and musician Rafito, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It appears on my model/photography blog,
caminando from the Elisa

tatuaje boricua

from the Elisa shoot

Three random tattoo ideas

Glowing Beauty. Hello everyone! How

blossom tree butterfly tattoo designs

Hello everyone! How are you all? :) There is a lot going on this month, a lot of exciting things. Well, my piercings are healing up nicely, still a tad sore but not bad. I'm getting spiderbites done on the 20th. Along with two tattoos. Just small ones, but i'm excited! I'm getting a dead dandylion with it's pedals blowing off and transforming into a flock of birds on my shoulder/back. Then on my wrist, which this is being debated, I want a bird cage opened with swallows flying out into a blossom tree. :D My birthday is on June 10th. I'll be turning 16! Yes, my sweet sixteen! I cannot believe this is really happening. I feel so grown up, haha! Tomorrow my mum is giving me $200.00 to go towards my new camera. Finally! After how many months of asking i'm getting one. Can you guys give me some good suggestions? :) I'm having a big party with friends and family. It'll feel odd not having my dad there but I won't let it ruin my day. I just hope for good weather.
2009-06-21 my sister's wrists.

sister wrist tattoos

my sister's wrists.