Boricua - Tattoowise

r.rivera8411plCOVER Photo I did

tattoo boricua

Photo I did of male model and musician Rafito, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It appears on my model/photography blog,
caminando from the Elisa

tatuaje boricua

from the Elisa shoot

Three random tattoo ideas

Day 42: Ai Mei 42/365 I got

tatoo draw gallery

42/365 I got bored, so I drew a bowtie on my arm. I was tackled in rugball (like football but with some different rules and a different ball) and now my leg really hurts kinda bruised, so I had to skip two days of track practice. Pray I get better, because I don't want to get kicked off the team. )= 4000 VIEWS FYEAH
Chanelle Angelina Model: Chanelle Angelina

angelina tattoo

Model: Chanelle Angelina